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Reader’s Digest India | April 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

Reader’s digest April 2013 issue is out and here are our personal views and reviews about the same. This month I bought the RD India’s market copy as subscription copies are used to reach me irregularly. And guess what, the RD India subscription copy is also arrived on time. In fact, I paid attention to the cover details and I found that it is dispatched in 26th March 2013. So pretty on time. And the March 2013 issue was posted by them on 28 February. So there is some problem with the process of the postal department. And this items are regular posts, hence not track-able, I cannot comment more. But I am thinking in favor of Reader’s Digest India, in terms of dispatching the subscription copies regularly and on time. Well, let us look forward.

The cover page having dark (blue and black) background shows cricketer Yuvraj Singh in action with Bold head, and the title given in “Hitting Out… at Cancer (more curable now then ever before), giving us the glimpse of and inside article based on the same. But yes the title seems accurate, as, based on the medical advancements, Cancer is no more considered as a death sentence now. Though, our personal experience says that if detected at early stage, chances to get cured (from Cancer) are high, it is dangerous otherwise – which is in fact true for all the disease.

The “contents” page, have a photo of a wounded leopard cornered by a group of armed men – with the title “Live And Let Live” – very touchy indeed.

Reader’s reactions are informative, timely and emotional. Well, read first three reactions and you will believe the same.

Here & now section is interesting. In addition to current affairs information it reviews a book titled “An Unsung Maker of Modern India – Beyond pipes & dreams : The life of Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi, by Leena Gandhi Tewari. It is worth to note that Mr. V. B. Gandhi is no way associated with either of the both Gandhi families which are leading and famous names in Indian politics.

Bittu Sahgal (editor of Sanctuary Asia magazine and a member of National Board For Wildlife) brings us an article titled “Living With Predators”. Bittu Sahgal comes with the emotional stuff about the families who have lost members to tigers, leopards and bears. The article has something more to offer. But you have to read it to know it.

Ask Laskas, section have some good advise for those who asked questions.

Kirpal Singh brings an article titled “Literature Isn’t Getting Its Due”. The theme of the article is the fact that – reading good works can make us more effective. At the end of the article the editor asks “Should schools and universities revive an emphasis on literature even for science and engineering students?” What you think? Do let us know via comments.

Page 38 have 4 website name which can be considered as suicide for the company, why? and which websites? Read magazine to know…

My Story – has an interesting tale of cricket battle running since three generations. As currently the IPL is running, the article is definitely published at real time.

There comes article by Krishna Warrier about Cancer and people who fought it with and won the battle too. It has the inspirational tale of the following fighters:

  • Indu Bala Arora
  • Ashok Mahadevan
  • Sharvari Joshi (Name Changed)
  • M. Hema
  • Nalini Satyanarayan

The article also gives information about latest advancements in the treatment of the following types of cancer.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Lung Tumors
  • Natural Treatments
  • Children’s Leukemia
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Nerve Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer

In Reader’s Digest Classic – the story titled “There is a girl on the tracks” – which was earlier published in 1977 in RD itself. It was the time when a horrified crowd on the railway platform saw a girl child was on the tracks and train was heading to her like a thunder. Were they (or anyone of them) able to save the child. Read the emotional story to know.

Keep your teeth & gums healthy – is a 7 page article focused on dental health.

Self-service is very meaningful and important phrase. Buffets almost common in all the ceremonies including wedding (which is considered as most celebrated occasion). The showrooms and malls also offer such service to the customers. But there are people who misuse the facility and this facility is also no exception. There is an article about such customers.

What the tree saw – is the article written in a way that if the tree itself is speaking. The writing makes it an interesting read.

46 dumb boss stories – is not only humor oriented article. Rainn Wilson (actor of – The Office – tv serial) judges the worst of them.

Using a stuff to the maximum extent is really a good habit. And reusing it for other purpose as well, is even better. For example recycling is the only way to deal with Plastic. There is an article about how to squeeze more out of everything.

You may fell but what’s important is how you get up and carry on – a really great philosophy is true as well. There is an article titled – The greatest sport moment I ever saw – explores one such incident.

In – RD face to face – an interview with Omar Sharif (considered as one of the stars from the golden time of Hollywood) is published.

The Book Bonus section brings a tale titled Phantom Air. The collapse of Soviet Union had a lot of adverse effects over the world. Actually it left hundreds of risk-adept fight crews with their own cargo jets, willing to fly anywhere, carrying anything, for money. It is the tale of such stuff.

In RD Living – the content is focused on “Facebook”. It is about How and what Facebook captures about you and how can it affect you in various aspects. In the time of social networking this is important read.

Do not forget to read RD Travel – it contains some rally needed tips.

Overall an issue which is focused on health, which is worth a read.

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  1. It is worth to note that, with the news stand copy, an old issue of RD India comes as a freebie. So if you are going to purchase it, please check if the offer is available in your area as well.

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