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Safari Magazine | April 2012 Issue | Views And Reviews

We were waiting for the issue of Science and Technology magazine Safari which brings some great general knowledge stuff along with eagerly this month also, it hit the stands a few days late and then we got busy with some other stuff hence reviews for the same are delayed, but here they are finally… It is worth to note that this is the Golden Jubilee issue of the English version of the magazine.

Once upon a time, a hundred years ago, there was a ship called Titanic – which was more famous with the tagline – The Unsinkable. It started its first (and last) voyage from Southampton to New york on 10th April 1912 and sunk on the midway. It was the tragic incident which made Titanic a legend. It was referred by the media almost regularly since then. There are more than one films, tv serials, comic strips, magazine articles, novels etc are written on the same tragic incident (or keeping it as the central theme). Some interesting facts about the same are covered by us also in this recent article about Titanic – movie reviews. We refer it here because the cover page of safari have a great illustration of Titanic – sinking in the ocean, telling us that we will have an article with more facts about the same is there inside. The cover page with blue background is a little darker with the light colored content cheering it up.

The inside of the front cover contains the photo of TajMahal showing Taj in pure dark and surround is in light – with the title “The tilting Taj” telling a lot!

We can say that before a century ago the computer was not existed for the layman, and now it became an integral part of our life. In fact you are reading and we are writing this review via a PC itself! With rise of the computers in human life, there was a rise of some decease and injuries due to the changed life style in people. An entire science of Computer ergonomics came to existence. Just search the Internet and you will find tons of articles, vides, slideshows etc. demonstrating how to sit when working at the computer, keep taking a break a certain intervals when working on a computer, don’t continuously stare at the monitor for more then a specific time span etc. But are we able to practically implement those solutions!? In “for your information” section there is an article about Repetitive strain injury : how a computer can lead to severe pain exploring similar details.

Vampires are famous. Earlier Dracula, then the Mummy series of the movie and then the Twilight series made it well known. But the Varpire power! Have you heard about it? Well if you heard about it or not, it affects the energy a lot. People often keep a lot of devices switched on from the main switchboard and turns it off using a remote. For example TV and AC. But do you know keeping it switched on keeps eating power as well (of course in less amount). Just think this way, if the TV is switched on from the mains and turned off via remote, you see a red light blinking (or just on) ready to respond you when you use remote to turn it on or so. This is clear indicator that the device is using the power. Same way people attaches the mobile phones tot he chargers and when the battery is charged they disconnects the mobile from the charger, leaving the charger plugged! It keeps eating the resources then. Cordless phone, Microwave oven, Cd Player, Coffe makers, Projectors…. there are a number of devices we are using with this wrong habits keeps eating the power without our knowledge. If you think about the ratio of such usage by billions of people (or even millions) for days/months/years, you yourself will let know how much of the energy we waste (and its adverse effects are there on the nature – which could have been prevented). An article about the same is small yet informative, especially the table telling which device uses how much power when in stand by mode.

It is said that Ferdinand Magellan was first known fellow to complete the circumnavigation of the Earth (though he was died midway in a battle at Philippines and his sailors completed the voyage). There were a number of such incidents and records noted about such journeys then after. In an interesting note a Danish citizen named Soren ceated a miniature model of earth at the Viborg Municipality park in Klejtrup by taking a lot of care to produce small scale version of almost all major stuff it can. It spreads in the area of 45X90 meters. A small article titled Lake Klejtrup : Around the world – trip in just 2 minutes, is worth a read to know more about the same.

Playing with the nature dis-balances it, and sometimes the adverse effects are shown after a remarkable long period of the deed. Take the example of Cane Toads of Australia, which were considered as a boon once, now it is a nightmare to deal with. Their population is growing really fast and it gives the warnings in terms of ecological situations. What are Cane Toads? Why they were brought to Australia? What are Cane Beetle? What happened to the snakes who fed Cane Toad? A lot questions?! All can be answered by reading the four page article by B. M. Purhit about the same.

If used properly and pushed the enthusiasm and motivate the good works; India have the best talents in the world of Airplanes, artillery and weapons as well. Now Rafale is the new face joining Indian Air Force. A detailed article about its origin, features, the role it can play during the war with added pictures and graphics in a very detailed article by Harshal Pushkarna is not to miss. Highly recommended read.

Every year a number of eels perform their death march which takes them towards the Sargasso sea. The warm water of Sargasso sea plays a deadly role for the eel fish. Know more about the fish, its habit to travel towards this death journey and its reasons, almost everything in a good analytical manner.

In the Fast facts section you will see details about Tinsit : the meteorite holding the secrets of Mars. An interesting article for those who are specifically interested in space science and outer world. Harshal Pushkarna comes with some interesting facts which might be less known like… Meteoroids themselves are invisible to us, but when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere at maximum speed of kmph they burn up and produce the light (of a shooting star)!

There comes the article about Titanic (the theme article as mentioned earlier). To article is all consists of rare and historical photographs, interesting facts, added graphics and much more to reveal the step by step journey of the legend of Titanic. Some illustrations are so good that you will find them a lot realistic and you might not have visited them before. To avoid the repeatation of the details we conclude here with the words that, you might have read a number of articles about Titanic and may watched the movie more than once (like us:)) but this is something to not to miss.

The Q&A Fact Find section have the following questions answered:

  • What is the chemical makeup of our Sun? How do astronomers identify the types of elements it contains? (A spelling mistake here)
  • Kookaburra cricket balls have been branded after the bird of the same name. What kind of bird is it?
  • How did the scientists determine that the Earth bulges at the equator?
  • How do hummingbirds, unlike most other birds, manage to hover in mid-air?
  • What s ‘cusec’, the unit used for measuring the flow of water in a river or canal?
  • Why do radioactive materials like plutonium in nuclear waste continue to pose a threat for many thousands of years?
  • How did Adolf Hitler spend his last few days before committing suicide?
  • How does an artificial heart work? Who was the first recipient?
  • Why does water bead up on the surface of a wax-polished car?
  • If a poisonous snake bites itself, will the venom prove fatal?

The Super Quiz section is about Currency Notes: Past and Present. Go through it to get the interesting facts about the most used kind of paper (and plastic/coins/…)!

All heavy talks and no joy! its not fair! There are Gags also, don’t worry.

When referring mobile applications, we find the reference about QR Code. What it is? The article starts on the last cover page gives detailed information.

Final verdict: Must read. Value for money magazine.

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