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SocialBlood.Org | Join Your BloodGroup | News

Blood is one of the most important liquid elements of the body. (Accurate Definition: Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. curtsey : Wikipedia). The blissful thing is that we can create a repository of blood and store it for the remarkable time. Which then can be given to anyone who is in need and the timely service results into saving the most valuable human lives. As we know that blood banks rely on the blood donors (I call them life savers), who donates the blood in good faith. In order to keep the repository serving the needs it must have to have blood donations going on, on the regular bases. Though sometimes there is a shortage of the blood belong to some specific blood group which is rare. For the most available blood also it is possible that sometimes the blood is running out of stock. Sometimes the blood bank is far from the place where the blood is needed.

What we do in such situation. We try finding the blood in our group of relatives, friends etc. And if we found someone matching our needs we get his/her service. Now everyone’s contact list have a limit of size. What if the technological advancements are used here. Especially social networking, which is growing beyond limitation and people are hooked with it strongly! By keeping the concept in the mind a team came up with an initiative named http://www.socialblood.org.

Karthik Naralasetty, is the main brain behind the initiative, which is now there to take the maximum advantage of Facebook – undisputed social networking leader (at this time). Want to contribute here? Well just select the country you live in, and the blood group you have; at the homepage of the site and proceed.

We sincerely hope that this initiative will grow more support and it will be useful to people, in times of emergency to resolve their blood requirements. There is nothing much in the website to review in terms of the content. But we do love the idea behind. One of the nice usage of social networking and technology. We must note that the platform is quite young yet (more than 2400 and less than 2500 users at the time this post is being written, liked it); but according to various reports, it saved life of a kid who was in need of the same, for the heart surgery he underwent through. Well, if one human life is saved then also the purpose is fulfilled. Let us look forward.

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