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Safari English Magazine September 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

After being respected for many years as a Gujarati-magazine which provide Knowledge & Science oriented facts in the easy to understand manner; Safari – entered the zone where they started publishing the English edition of the same as well, so the people can enjoy the bathing in the rain of the knowledge without facing the language barrier.

The September 2011 issue of Safari (English) contains the following stuff:
The Fast Facts Segment:
This segment discusses the “Tablet”, a new variant of computers. You many find some information your are (or may) not aware with till date about the same. Eg. No doubt, Apple company ushered in the revolution with its tablet, but Microsoft Company lead by Bill Gates put forth the idea and they have developed the first ever tablet, in year 2002.

FYI (For Your Information):
This segment contains the informative articles like
1. The past, the present and the future of Gold and Goldmines.
As the prices of Gold is raising furiously, especially in the last decade, the facts about this most loved material on the earth, is well worthy to know.
2. Bats
You may know a lot about bat, especially from the school textbooks and Twilight series and other movies. But, you may not know that, there are around 800 species of bats exist. They all are using ultra sonic sound waves to find the food and the path with their built in Sonar System. The derails about this process and their behavior and actions are not only informative but also interesting.

The article about Human Organ Bank by B. M. Purohit gives detailed information about the same. The organs removed from the Donner’s body must be transplanted into the patient’s body within the specific time. The idea of preserving the organs like the Heart, lungs, kidneys, lever, pancreas etc. for a longer period in “live” condition, presented by an Israeli scientist. The article provides the details about the preservation process and how the bank is destined work. After reading the article you will surely wish from your deepest heart, that the idea goes success.

Cricket is not just only a play or just another game but a phenomenon in the countries where it is loved and played. There are the news about breaking of certain records hit the headlines frequently or periodically. Though, there are some records which are destined to not to be broken or at least it seems like so. For example, the record of the Cricket’s longest shot is unbroken since 1889. No, its not typo, its 1889. It is unbroken since more than a century. Why? Well, no spoiler here. Its better to read and enjoy about the same on your own. You will definitely enjoy reading the article regardless of your love status with the game of Cricket.

Have you heard about a village named “Chungungo”? It is situated in Chile, by the way. It is using the Water Nets to get (Catch – to be precise) their daily supply of the water! Read the article and you will understand that why it is called that “Necessity is the mother of invention” and what makes us, the humans, the successful species in the battle of life.

Do you know that some animals are also having the addiction. Well, don’t think otherwise. We are talking about the habit of getting intoxicated through living in the lap of Nature and to satisfy the craving, they (the animals) are ready to do anything and/or everything by going to any length. Nice article about the behavior of the animals.

Since so long, we are hearing about the surgery that do not need to cut the human body. Sometimes, there are the small or tiny particles in the human body causes the problem badly and need to be get rid of (or get repaired). The nanobots – the miniature robotic surgeons of the future may be the answer to our quest for the solution in such cases. An article on the matter explains the promising technology in detail.

“Terror Bird”! The name tells it all, right? No, we are not talking the myths and mysterious literary stuff. A bird with the given name lived actually on the earth. It almost ruled the earth for 50 million years! Seems like they were the dinosaurs amongst the birds, right? They are also vanished from the earth just 2.5 million years ago. An interesting research article by Digambar Vyas explores the details from the quest to get answer about what actually happened to these birds, conducted by several biologists; in reader-friendly language.
The fact finder segment have the questions like:

  • Why do our faces keep warm without clothes?
  • Which was the the most damaging earthquake in recent history?
  • How many oceans are there?
  • Which is the heaviest organ in human body?
  • When was computer giant Microsoft Corporation established?
  • Why does wood wrap in damp weather?
  • How do honeybee help plants?
  • How old is World Wide Web?
  • Who invented seismograph for detection of earthquake and measurement of its intensity?

And of course, the Super Quiz section is there too.

Another major article about “Bionic Technology” is also a must mention. The printing quality is good. The graphics are much informative and they adds to the explanation in the articles.

It is definitely a suggested read.

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