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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer | Book Reviews

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga took the teenage world by storm very soon after it brought to life the mystical world of Bella Swan into existence with the first book of the series named “Twilight”.

Boook : Twilight
Author : Stepheni Meyer
Publisher : Orion Childrens Books

As the world “Twilight” brings to mind the neither light nor dark atmosphere of a setting dusk with prolonged shadows of the days that has gone fading into the warm, velvety darkness of the approaching night, so is the setting of this book. In a small, modern town in the Washington state of USA , surrounded by ancient forests and overlooked by a cloudy sky with almost everlasting rains in a close vicinity of the ancient tribal Quiluete Reservation, it becomes almost not possible not to believe in a hidden, mythical world of para-human creatures. And you just can’t resist the charm of Isabella Swan and her journey on this mysterious and dangerous path.

Seventeen year old Bella leaves sunny Phoenix and her mother to live temporarily in Forks with her Dad until she graduates. But right from the first day of her high school, she is so taken by the irresistibly gorgeous Edward Cullen that soon she starts thinking more about him and less about her own life. Trying to decipher “what” Edward is, she learns the truth of his identity and existence, but as she acknowledges to herself: “she is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him” and anything else just doesn’t matter to her. As Edward also finds it too difficult to stay away from Bella and what with one thing after other bringing them together, the couple finally discovers the glory of the first love and finds their peace with each other.

And what makes Edward as appealing to the reader as he is to Bella, is not only his physical beauty, extraordinary intelligence or accomplishments but his continuous struggle against his very nature to be good, a monster who doesn’t want to be a monster. Edward Cullen is a vampire who doesn’t hunt and destroy human lives, and such is his family with his father Carlisle as their head and inspiration, a doctor who saves lives.

But too soon after Edward and Bella realises and declares their love for each other, a thunderstorm arrives, both literally and figuratively. Bella’s life is threatened by others of Edward’s kind, a vampire called James, and she is forced to leave her Dad and Forks for the safety of their lives. While Edward is hunting the bad vampires, James escapes and reaches Phoenix , and with his cunning, makes sure that Bella will go voluntarily to meet him, and her death. So, who wins in the end? Is Bella’s life spared? If yes, with what consequences? Does Bella and Edward get to live together happily?

The movie based on this book, also named “Twilight” starring Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward was a smash hit throughout the world. The movie is easy to relate with and will take you to a beautiful tour of the green and raining forests of the Forks with the classical piano tunes in the background.

A must read and must watch for all the teenagers and all the grown-ups who like to believe in the possibility of impossible love and eternal romance which they caught a glimpse of when they fell in love for the first time………….

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