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Reader’s Digest India | September 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The September 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest (India Edition) is reached to us and here are our personal reviews for the same. Red background and white and yellow text is there on the cover page. There seems to be a humor special article inside, and,… well let us dig into the content to know more.

Mohan Sivanand clears the details about whether RD India is closing soon or not. What is the kind of bankruptcy it have faced in USA and how is it’s current situation? He also talks about humor related articles and RD’s reader’s reactions towards the same. And yes, 5 September is – the teacher’s day – in India and definitely there are expressions by the editor about the same.

In – React – section there are reader’s responses for – Animal instincts and other articles from the past issues of the magazine. One reader named – Meghna – raises a genuine question about behavior or man and animal. She also got best letter prize and her small letter is worth reading.

Here & Now – section brings some interesting details to know, including, how an actress associated with several award winner movies spent her savings in battling cancer and what is the only way left for her to get more money for the same! There are frogs who give birth via mouth! … You will definitely like to read more in the segment.

Sheila Sivanad discusses the following books in the same section under book reviews hood.

Dr. Dayal brings information about Mindfulness Meditation – reinforcing the power of mind over body.

My Story – section tries bringing some real stories which are beyond the daily call of life. This time there is the story of a kid from Africa.

In My Opinion – section brings in-front the first-hand experience of India (experienced) by an African American. This sentimental stuff is worth a read. We may need to change our attitude at several stuffs.

That’s Incredible – is a collection some stuff which are interesting, unusual and different (in both good and bad manner). The list is so wide that you can realize how much effort the research team had to do to compile the list from various sources. This list definitely makes you feel that the world is an interesting (and strange) place to live 🙂

Everybody Loves Raymond – is a hit TV show. The actor playing the protagonist – actor Ray Romano is now now 55. RD brings him Face To Face in an interview. The interview is quite a good read.

There is more than Micky Mouse and Donald Duck to know about Walt Disney and who know him better than his elder brother. One of the most lovely part of this issue is the article – my kid brother Walt Disney (article by Roy Disney). The article was first published in 1969 (Roy left the world behind in 1971). This RD classic is a must read as it brings the story of Walt Disney, a man who is loved by a lot of people since their childhood and as we know the first love remain as is always.

How we laughed in – is the longest section found in this issue of RD. It actually appear in chunks between various articles and brings jokes and other funny stuff from the past issue of RD. So get a fast forward look to some fun stuff published in the magazine since 1920s! Well, frankly speaking you will not find all them so funny, but worth a read.

It is truly said that the truth is stranger than the fiction. In – Real Life Drama – the kind of filmy tale comes with the filmy title – you only live twice. It is the tale of – Howard Snitzer who survived without a pulse in an out-of-hospital arrest with a good outcome – longer than anyone, anywhere!

The Khan Academy – this name is not new for the readers of ThinkerViews.Com. We did post a series of introductory views and reviews article for the website khanacademy.org – which is one of the best websites to find authentic video tutorials. The work they do to spread the education to all the possible places in the world is really remarkable. There is an article about the site and his founder Mr. Salman Khan. It is definitely worth a read.

On August 8, 1963, the train from Glasgow to London was stopped near Cheddington, Buckinghamshire. It came to know that the signal was tempered for the incident. The cash worth 2.6million GBP (in current time it is around 40million GBP) was looted by a group of 15 men. This tale by Nick Reynolds is printed in this issue with the title – My Dad, The Great Train Robber. This story will entertain the thriller lovers.

The Internet has definitely changed the world. In both positive and negative aspects. There is a small article to read focused on the same. There is an article about work out for healthy heart. The health conscious people will find it interesting. But, do make sure that you consult your doctor before joining any rat race. As, your body is better examined by a qualified doctor before you jump into some remedies. Basically, each body is unique in some ways and yes, your health history, allergies etc. plays a vital role in the possible actions you can perform.

There is one more thriller tale to read in the magazine, but, what we liked more than that is an article – especially written by keeping in mind – the Teacher’s day. It is about beyond books and homeworks – and that makes is more worth reading.

Overall, a really nice issue to go for.

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