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Bajatey Raho | Bollywood Movie | Hindi Film Reviews

Recently there was a Bollywood movie released and went out without much success at the box office. After watching the movie we felt that the movie was not bad of course. Here you can find our personal reviews for the same.

Movie : Bajatey Raho
Director :
Shashant A Shah
Produced by : Krishika Lulla
Story by :
Screenplay by : , (dialogue)
Music By : Jaidev Kumar
Distributed by : Multi Screen Media, Eros International
Cinematography : Arun Varma
Editor : Aseem Sinha
Released On :
Starring : Tusshar Kapoor, Dolly Ahluwalia, Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Vinay Pathak, Vishakha Singh, Kamlesh Gill, Rammakant Daayama, Husaan Saad, Rajinder Nanu, Vikas Mohla, Anya Singh, Nikhil Pandey, Svetlana Manolyo, Brijendra Kala, Yogendra Tikku, Maryam Zakaria, Scarlett Wilson, and others…

It is the title of the movie – Bajatey Raho – and its promotion gave people the impression that it is a comic movie. Which probably went wrong for the movie. The – Nagin Dance song is popular and it lead to movie promotion, but here also the problem remains same. It also doesn’t give people idea about – what the movie has to offer. And, hence, either people went to the cinema with wrong expectations or they skipped the movie. It raises a thought that promotion is very much important but making it more proper and finally advantageous to the product is even more important.

I remember reading how popularity of “Why This Kolaveri Di?” song affected the Tamil psychological thriller – 3. The point of view of the blogger was the popularity of the song is fantastic and it resulted into marketing awareness for the movie, sell of albums and other aspects of the movie, very much positively. But, somehow it raised the expectations of the people for the movie itself. And the movie couldn’t fulfill those. Which resulted into under-performance of the movie on the box office. A lot of readers of that blog raised their opinion-difference with the thought of the blogger. And response of the blogger was kind of The popularity of the song is definitely advantageous and all, but what is more important? The success of the movie -as the overall product, or success of a song – which is only a single segment of the movie?. Well, you may disagree or agree with that blogger but the question is thoughtful, no doubt. And yes, we feel the success of the overall final product is more important. So, the movie marketing companies may need to take care of the same during the promotions.

As the movie is having some satirical punches on a lot of stuffs and it explores how a family does – tit for tat – for the injustice happened to them, how they take on against a wealthy and well-connected person for the truth; and overpowers him with their mindful tactics.

It is not that the movie doesn’t have low points, it does. But, it is definitely better than some of the mindless blockbusters for sure.

There are some flows in the film despite of some really nice scenes. For example Mummyji(played by Dolly Ahluwalia)’s transformation from a middle class lady to a wealthy lady (Mrs. Hansal Mehta) is really fantastic and we enjoy watching the same. But, how can a middle class lady got to know the body language and foreign accent while speaking English overnight?! Also, how can she be recognized as such a wealthy lady by hotel staff and others? From where they arranged money for staying in five star hotel? Also how the – running out of money family – can come up with a well established and widely recognized business (Modern Decorators) overnight? (The director could have shown that Mummyji was a theater actress in past to make it convincing, for example).

If to talk about the performance, we must say, most of the actors are over the top. Dolly Ahluwalia is performed the best in the lot. See her transformation from Mummyji to various avatars and you will be fan of her acting range. We wonder that why such a great talent doesn’t got the recognition she deserve in Bollywood. She got a meaty role here and performed well.

Vinay and Ranveer both are fantastic actors and know for their abilities. They slips into their characters convincingly. Vinay is having heavy make-up in some scenes though. Ravi Kishan is good. He can overplay and underplay at places, which adds to his performance. Tusshar’s performance is inconsistent, he is really good at places and not convincing in some scenes. He needs to work on his overall persona.

Vishakha does what is expected from her in terms of performance and she looks pretty. The actors playing Mr. Bagga and Mr. Kapoor (Aman’s father) are fantastic in their performances. The actor playing TV Star Aman Kapoor lacks the persona of a popular TV star. He is neither convincing nor performs at the level expected. The dialogs are witty at places and have the punch as well. In terms of dialogs and cinematography the film is good in its category (Satire).

The movie also pinpoints some harsh realities of life. How a genuine, innocent person can be used by crook, powerful and well-connected person (or group) to run the scam is explored well in the film. We see a lot of scams running on regular bases so convincingly that we do not realize (that it is a scam) till it is exposed. And we see a lot of scapegoats are actually genuine and innocent persons who are either working at those places or whose name is used by the scammers.

The father-daughter bonding and the father-son, mother-son, friends and other relations and bonding are shown in the movie really well and in realistic manner. Though, you need to look at detailing in the scenes to feel that. The script definitely needed to be much tighter. But then also, the pros are definitely more than the cons. And whenever you get a chance to watch this movie, you shouldn’t avoid it.

Our personal verdict: the movie is worth watching.

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