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Reader’s Digest India | October 2012 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The cover page is simple and have one animation character stood with a note in hand. First you think that this is some children magazine, but no, this the cover page of Reader’s digest India edition – October 2012 issue! The note in his hand says “Not Fair”. Actually the couple of lines written bellow the character are – “It pays to complain – But, as a consumer how you do it matters” – tells us that there is an inside article about Consumer rights and/or how to file a complain in case you didn’t get proper product/service for what you paid or what the providers assured you. Let us see what is inside the basket…

The editor speaks his motive behind the cover story and other major articles in the editorial. It is quite good to read him discussing the Reader’s Digest customer’s complains and similar stuff.

The quotes from celebs and known figures are there, though personally I didn’t find any of them worth mention here.

In the react section the readers are responding to the previous issue and mostly the – Energize yourself – article. By reading some simple yet powerful tips like – early to bed and early to rise – some of the readers remember some leadership gurus and advisers. That is cool. But don’t you think that is the most common thing our grand parents, parents and literature we inherit – keeps telling us since the beginning? However, everything needs to be represent in the new package and hence we love to get such advise from the figures we consider Icons. Anyway, whatever way we got the great tip(s) – what matters is the effectiveness of them, rather than the source they belong to.

I also see that there is a huge amount of people have to fight the fat (or obesity if we can go a little brutal). And my personal opinion is our life style is responsible for that. If we change our life style to be more active physically too, a lot of problems can be cured without too much medicine or cost. Of course there are some aspects we cannot change and we have to rely on the experts for the same which is quite ok.

I read a real good comment from a reader inside the magazine. The reader was referring the war and peace stuff. He mentioned rather good words which I suggest personally to read in the magazine. Till when we have the citizens having such nice and genuine human emotions, the society is definitely a good place to live.

Here and Now section comes up with information about a nice swimming ride, diet goggles and more. Here is the list of books covered in the same. You can read further book reviews in the magazine itself.


In the Outrageous section the author discusses about the murky science of clinical drug trials and it is worth a read.

Christopher Middleton brings us a good and currently happening topic to discuss. Nowadays the culture of “work from home” is at its peak. It is beneficial to both, the company and the employee, if it is followed as expected. Especially the IT companies allow the employees do that. The reason is the reach of internet, it is quite affordable and achievable. The article focuses on “Who wants face-to-face contact at work anyway?”.

The word power section this month focuses on Dressing.

There comes the themed article of the month. The sub-heading is The guerrilla guide to getting what you paid for or your money back”. A case of a family’s visit to their relative is discussed with the results. There are guidelines given for the consumers to what to do in such situations.

In India, where democracy is there, with the growing population and resources and the demand for the same – the authorities are bringing in new laws periodically. Ideally, to manage the demand-supply chain better. For example recently there is a regulation act brought in regarding how many LPG cylinders a family can have at a discount rate. However the gas agencies, especially in town-rural area implies this in the way that they will provide the cylinder to a family after a certain period is completed from when the last one was purchased. So the agency remains intact from violating the rule. In ideal circumstances it seems proper, but when actually implemented and the way it is implemented can be frustrating for the layman. – We would like to see an article about the petroleum products, the regulations about the same – and real people’s experiences about the same, in Reader’s digest future issues.

We are left with a limited amount of Petroleum products inside the Earth and have to try everything we can, to save the energy and products both.

Courting Vienna is an article from National Geographic Traveler by Andrew McCarthy. It is good introduction to the city which is home to Mozart, Lippizan, Stallions and chocolate torte.

The man who wouldn’t quit is an article taken from Reader’s digest 1963 issue. The article is about George Haley who served at Washington for more than 40 years. The historical article is added with some historical images too.

There are places in Afghanistan where people are living in the villages with no electricity. There are some tribal places in Kenya. What is common to them? The growing love for cricket. The Massai cricket warriors is famous now and the Afghanistan team is playing cricket at remarkable level now. There is article about the journey of the cricketers, which is a good read.

Sunshine superstar is an article about Vitamin D. What the deficiency of the same can cause and what health benefit we get from Sunshine. That is why the Surya-Namaskar was (is) considered as the best exercise when done properly. It is to be done in the light sunlight and it is combination of Yog (Yoga) and physical strength routines. Ditto for running (jogging) in early morning and evening.

RD World affairs – brings an article titled – Set To Explode. It is everywhere people find it tough to welcome the immigrants, at different level. They think about them as outsiders and not one of them. Sometimes they also consider them eating their jobs and other resources too. However where this mindset is not rigid and the citizens who welcome the people from other land or cast; they all live happily together. Sharing each other’s joys and sorrows. Truly bringing in the concept of – Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. The article bring in the information about the situations in immigrant areas of Paris.

Menopause is one of the most important phase of a woman’s life. And frankly, a woman can only tell the actual feelings and physical and psychological impacts of that period. The period is responsible for depression also. Of course the experiences are different for different individual. The woman should be taken care properly during the period for her better. The article is a good read and female readers should find it informative. And guys, for men it is Andropause, so read about it.

Fascinating photos of farmers picking marigolds are good.

Caught in a trap – is a story taken from The Los Angeles Times. The tagline for this bonus read is – The crime looked horrific: kidnapping, torture and sexual assault. But nothing was as it seemed.

The visual designer and The RD Money are the segments which are small, but not to miss.

Overall a good read which gives you value for your money.

As James Bond have completed 50 years in the history of movies, we are looking forward to see an article regarding the same in Reader’s digest future issues. What you say?

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