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The Expendables 2 | Hollywood Action Movie | Personal Reviews

We have mentioned that The movie “The Expendables -2” was released and got positive response from action movie lovers in an earlier article. We got a chance to watch it and here are our personal views about this star-studded action-thriller.

A team under the leadership of Barney Ross is ready to take risky (impossible kind of) missions. The team consists of Lee Christmas, Yin Yang, Hale Caesar, Toll Road, Jensen, Billy the Kid, Ross’ protegée and others. They went to Nepal to rescue Dr. Zhou. The entire area named Sindupalchok – Nepal was nothing lees than a castle. Iron gates with loaded security guards, the jeeps making security petrol, the people scared from the villain and … well everything you expect in such scenario is there.

We see the goons torturing a man (the man’s face was covered with a mask) and as he disagree to reveal some stuff and hence brutally tortured. Three artillery vehicles breaks into the prison. They were the expendables who came into those vehicles. They overpower the goons and rescue Dr. Zhou. Well, Dr. Zhou was not the man we had seen being tortured. Dr. Zhou was there but was weakened and tortured already and now was in a corner of the room. The man who was being tortured was Trench – a competitor to Ross. He also came to do the same job (to rescue Dr. Zhou) but was captured. He brings a big gun from Ross’s team and walks away by promising him to settle the score of help he did by rescuing him.

The fight sequence is quite long and is filmed very well, technically and stunt-wise. The background score is louder here.

Movie :
The Expendables 2
Producers : Avi Lerner, Danny Lerner, Kevin King Templeton, Les Weldon
Director :
Simon West
Screenplay : ,
Story : , ,
Based On : Characters By
Starring : Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others…

However it is not easy to get away though. They try hard to overpower the soldiers and almost get away by using heavy electricity cables. Ross was hurt with two bullets though and he and Lee were captured by the enemies in the jungle. Though there was a backup plan and with the on time action by Billy the Kid they overpower them an gets away. It is again a long chase from jungle to water and then to air. But the expendables are out anyway. The mind blowing stunts and use of advanced vehicles makes action lover to watch it delightfully. But make sure to not to apply too much of logic to the incidents. You might be disappointed in the case. In the halfway when hovering over China, Yin depart with the team by taking Dr. Zhou with him. He have to take Dr. Zhou to his place safely.

When the Expendables are at the rest. Billy asks Ross that he wants to retire from the team. He however feels it awkward as he respects Ross and love working with him. But wants to get settle. Ross happily lets him go by wishing him the best. So that was the last month Billy is working with the team!

Later Ross was approached by MR. Church who was with CIA. He makes Ross to accept a new mission. A Chinese plane was attacked and downed in Albania, there was a small treasury inside the same. Ross and his team have to secure it and prevent it to fall in the wrong hands by all means. Mr. Church also send Maggie Chan – a technical expert. And ask Ross to take care of her during the mission. At first Ross was ready to take a woman with him but Church told that it was necessary as the treasure is high tech and password to open it changed every 120 seconds. And she is well capable to take care of herself.

The Expendables are set to leave the next morning. During the flight the members were a little uncomfortable and some of them tried to impress Maggie. They tracks the plane and were able to locate the box (treasury) from the same. They were able to collect whatever needed and Ross informs Billy (to whim he sent to remote location to keep an eye on the situation and use his sniper skills when the Expendables are in Danger) to come back and join the team as they accomplished the mission and ready to leave. That was not easy enough as in Albania, there is an international criminal cum arms dealer named Jean Vilain. Vilain have captured Billy. So now the Expendables have to listen to him and do as he say.

What Vilain will demand? What Expendables will do? What happened then after?

It is the rest of the story. There are so many action heroes in the movie and every one having their own scenes making the film most of the action film. But it has some small emotional scenes too. Stallone and his team doesn’t think much about the budget and made the stuff technically remarkable. Action thriller lovers will enjoy the movie which is having some setbacks in terms of story line.

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