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Reader’s Digest India | December 2011 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The last issue of Reader’s Digest India for the year 2011 was not only about taking a look to the year that passed but also about know more about the medical breakthroughs, Internet and much more.

If you have subscribed the Reader’s Digest, you know a lot about the sweepstakes they run at each year. A number of pemphlates and forms and other papers they are sending through the post to motivate you taking part in the Sweepstakes etc! Now spending too much on such marketing is good? or is it environment friendly at all. Or talking about the environment friendliness and being actually environment friendly in your deed are two different stuffs? Well, the editor answers all the stuff in the editorial.

A very small photo-editorial about honking and why No-Honking day should be a resolution for the coming year (2012) explores some bitter facts.

In the react section one letter about “Playing a doctor” can be harmful caught my eye. When thinking about it, I found that yes, there are so many websites giving people the inspiration to be doctor for themselves. The advises there might be genuine in some cases but not in all. And all the general advises may not be suitable for each person reading for the same. It would be better to consult the doctor at least, before doing self-doctoring. Also the letter about a person at meeting using his Laptop and even visiting his FaceBook account made us thinking that there are certainly some cyber manners too needed while attending a meeting or similar.

Flash Mobs are in the news after a regular interval, here are some of the videos you may love to watch:

And one more…

Read a small article about Flash Mobs in this issue of RD.

Here are the books talked about in this issue of RD:

Book Author Binding
My Family And Other Animals Gerald Malcolm Durrell Paperback
Birds, Beasts And Relatives Gerald Malcolm Durrell Paperback
Under The Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes Paperback
Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert Paperback
North Of Ithaka Eleni Gage Paperback

Medical Breakthroughs of the year arcile provides information about the latest research in 2011:

  • Lung Transplants
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Regeneration
  • Sight
  • The Fight Against Cancer
  • Overian Cancer
  • Stem-cell Research
  • Hearts

The kindness of strangers section explores the motto “if you have a heart, you can help anybody”. A set of inspirational extra ordinary works done by common men are explored there. As they are the real heroes, this stuff is a good read.

Home Sweet Home, we know the phrase; same way, Home Sweet Cave is the article exploring a different kind of lifestyle is also a good read.

Quick study section about Polio and its vaccine is small yet informative stuff.

The Internet Safety Series, explores details about Cyber Bullies in an article titled “They Won’t Live Me Alone” is a must read in today’s time. Remember that Cyber bullying is easy but fighting it back is not and the society needs to make sure that students must be able to get help. Actually doing Cyber crime (we can call it that, of course) gives the feeling of security to the criminal as he/she is doing it from within the four walls of the home or any other place. Having the false feelings of anonymity is also there, which let these people to go to any extent. Whether they could harm the victim physically or not, is the different question but the psychological effects it leaves are really very very dangerous.

Alternative medicines getting recognised more and more now a days. An informative article discusses various aspects of the same. It includes the following:

  • Guided imagery to speed recovery from surgery
  • Acupuncture to treat pain
  • Yoga for depression and Anxiety
  • Hypnosis to calm irritable bowel syndrome
  • Supplements to help cancer patients

And even important in the article are the 6 rules explained for using alternative remedies wisely.

John Preston’s article about Ioannis Ikonomou, the man who is fluent is 32 languages and hence we can say that for him language bareers do not exists, even if it sounds superlative; is inspirational. His theory is very simple yet effective. Simply fall in love of the language you want to learn and you will be able to do it joyfully at least, if not easily.

Fire at the super market real-life drama about a young Australian father who found himself in a blazing supermarket and then he realized that amongst the trapped crowd he is the only person who can help them. How he comes out as a fire-hero. An inspirational and motivating tale.

Kumarakoram is considered as the jewel in God’s own crown. The article about this tourism place by Mohan sivanand with some nice pictures provides the factual details about the place.

Sting: A face to face meeting with the renowned British musician has tried many styles of the music and now he is concentrating on classical orchestra.

Suthasinee Noi-In, the winner of 2001 Asian of the year winner and her tale inspirational and so does the tale of Mr. Jack Sim (also known as Mr. Toilet)- who is also honorable mention for the same award along with Professor Edward NG (the bridge builder).

The RD living section suggests the ways to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease. They are not too tough things but simple 3 steps you can follow easily to keep your mind sharp.

Cellphones are the inseparable part of life for some people but when walking on the roads, using them are dangerous is a truth. Stuart Foxman’s views are a good read.

In addition the humor and other regular segments are there, which made it even more readable magazine. Worth a read.

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