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Reader’s Digest India | August 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

This time we got our subscription copy of Reader’s Digest Magazine (India edition) – August 2013, even before the scheduled time, so here are our personal reviews for the same.

The cover page shows the piggy bank in the getup of a thief and the title “Is Your Bank Cheating You?” gives us the hint of what to expect inside. Also the rupee (INR) is falling against USD so money oriented article was expected from this issue anyway.

In – editorial – Mohan Sivanand talks some eye-opener stuff. He warns the customers to not to be fooled by over-friendly bank officials and their offer about investing your fortune in the funds – for which they promise a good return, but you are confused. Don’t be greedy – this is the simplest advise any one can have it from the editorial. There is the curious case of Mangelal Sharma inside the magazine to refer in the same regards. There is also a reference mentioned about the fact that following an expose on http://www.cobrapost.com (an Internet news portal) how RBI took some steps.

In the – react – section the readers represent their point of views for the articles in the past issue, as always. One thoughtful reply was regarding – the article about Forgiveness. A reader points out that, misplaced forgiveness is very dangerous. He is quite correct in the point of view and example he presents in very brief. Similarly there is a wonderful reply about – empty nest (the children living separate – far from parents) – given by one reader where he says his children are abroad, though he and his wife remain in their constant touch via technological advancements, one needs to understand that life is precious and enjoyable without children too! This will also lead the children to guilt-free life! Overall the react section have wisdom and cleverness both found together. We are happy seeing so much humble, understanding, witty and clever persons in our society.

It would be interesting to know that restaurants in some major cities have banned the food-photography partially or completely! Well, they have their point of course. Read more inside.

Ian Price, an UK based authors, talks about how less working days can be more productive (or not) for company based on the employee’s efforts during the work days – in – in my opinion – section.

Keshari Singh, an army officer, remembers his fellow airman Tudu and his account of friendship with him. A real and heartwarming tale. It is interesting to know that Tudu stood for several of Keshari Singh’s duties so he can study, for about one and a half year!

In a list of a different type of websites which most probably you don’t know the following websites are mentioned:
Well, its up to you, whether you want to visit those sites or not!

Mohan Sivanand and Deven Kanal brings the central article of around 8 written pages – Mr. Mangelal Sharma & the mis-sold mutual fund. It is a kind of must read article we must say.

It is mentioned at various science seminars, sci-fi books and movies and well, we all almost know that the technological advancement can be able to create a robot, which can be different than us, humans, only in terms of empathy! There is an article named Love Machine, in this issue, which discusses robotics and the possible future of robots.

Look twice, brings a creation by a Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto, which you have to see to believe it.

The day at the beach – is the classic article by Arthur Gordon. The article was first published in 1988. It is about four wise lessons which can guide you in tough or tougher situations. The simple and effective article to go for.

The teacher who ran – is a tale of a lady who learn a parenting lesson from where she haven’t expected. What is the key to keep loving your child throughout the crisis and joys of life? Well, read the article to know more. And yes, the names in the article are changed for the privacy reasons. Apart from the wisdom you got from the article, you feel sorry for the poor kids and the situations which make them drug addict at very small age. May be better parenting and giving time to kids, and raising them under the guidance of their grandparents are the only possible solutions to overcome such difficult situations! What you say? Do let us know your suggestions via comments below.

Several time we plan the stuff up to the point of perfection and we feel that it is definitely great idea which cannot go wrong. And what happens later is you see it indeed went wrong due to some unexpected factors! There are some such ideas explored in an article, which is good time pass.

Real Life Drama – section brings the story titled – Icy River Plunge. It is the tale of a group of strangers who decided to save some children in chilled environment. It brings us the fact, if you really want to help someone, you can.

It is the era of Information Technology where you computer in many size and shapes. This issue brings in 30 – tips which can be helpful to you; and yes as we see more and more fraud takes place by smart misuse of technology it is worth knowing these tips and remember them. A must read small article.

A healthy mind resides in healthy body right? Well, the physically challenging conditions cannot prevent brain power if you have will. But, to be sharp you have to be active. There are some simple yet effect health tips to keep your brain healthy are given in a small article.

Driving my destiny – is an inspiring real life tale from a woman. A really thought provoking journey against odds.

Harry Gordon Selfridge is considered as a visionary who made people to spend their money (at his store primarily). It is about art of convincing. See the advertisement photos and read the details to know more about this man who was a kind of celebrity.

There are 12 quick starter recipes too!

Overall a nice magazine issue, worth to go for. Two articles not to be missed are:
1. Article about banks and mutual fund
2. IT related tips

And yes, following are the books reviewed in this issue:

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