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Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | May 2018 Issue | Views And Reviews

A large number of magazines are printed and hit the newsstand every month. But, does all of them are worth your money and especially time? Well, first filtering can be done based on your interest(s). Reading just for timepass and reading get the absolute knowledge and real information are something very different. We, that’s why try talking about various magazines every month which, according to us has a substance. Safari is a magazine from India, which falls in this category.

The English edition of Safari couldn’t survive long and only the Gujarati edition is available. It is sad. It makes the reach of the quality content of the magazine restricted to Gujarati knowing readers only. Such magazines needs to be survived and reached to the maximum readers. Another such magazine is sudharma, which we have talked about it in past also. Here is the quick link to the article:
Safari Magazine | July 2016 issue | Views And Reviews

Let us take a look at the cover page of this issue:

Safari Magazine - Gujarati Edition - May 2018 Issue - Cover Page

Safari Magazine – Gujarati Edition – May 2018 Issue – Cover Page

The cover page is very attractive. The bluish background and light text gives it a rich yet calm look. The briefing about all the major articles on the cover page is icing on the cake. Well, whatever we say about never judging a book (or magazine) from its cover. The first impression of the media makes an impact on the user which affect his/her purchase decision for sure.

The Editorial:

I, personally consider, the editorial as one of the most important segments of magazine or any similar media. It allows the editor to build a connect to the readers directly. In the editorial of this month the editor Harshal Pushkarna talks about one of the very important issue which affects not a state or even the entire country but also a global problem. It talks about the “food wastage”. While there are a large number of people who are forced to sleep with empty stomach and at the same time, in hotels, social functions and other such occasions people tend to waste a remarkable amount of food also. We cannot rely on governments to do everything. Can’t we, the people, update our habits to save food and help those who are experiencing hunger?

There are countries where it is compulsory to finish the food taken into the plate. It is not necessary that if you can afford to pay for the food, you are allowed to waste the same.

In addition, the editor takes note of the good work done by Hyundai company and Tirupati Balaji temple in this segment. Such stuff must be taken a note of and not only should be appreciated but should be followed too.

Amazing India:

In this segment, you will find amazing information about Damascus steel! You may think that there is some mistake right? How a product/technology referred to a specific city outside of India, can be part of “Amazing India”? Well, you need to read the article to know it. To know more about Damascus steel you may follow the WikiPedia link and watch an interesting YouTube video, mentioned below.

It is a small yet informative article and it also re-iterates the fact that in the marketing propaganda of of British rulers they spread a lot of myth and make Indian people thinking that they are inferior. Well, there is nothing wrong in accepting what is good in the other countries of the world. On the contrary it must be appreciated and must be adopted if and when possible. But, at the same time knowing real facts about the great inheritance is equally necessary.

Trees and Plants:

Though the article falls in the “for botany lovers” category, it will be found interesting by almost all the reader. In order to survive on the planet, each species needs to keep re-producing and spreading. If they remain bound within a certain geography then chances are there that a disaster or calamity may extinct them. And while spreading, they try to adapt the different circumstances and we can often found new species or various tribes of the same species with visibly distinct attributes.

For creatures who can change their places like humans, animals, birds and others, it may not be a big problem. But for the plants and trees who cannot change their physical position, how can this happen?

Of course, while studying in school we got to know how the birds, bees, butterflies and others are playing a significant part in that. In addition the natural happenings like blowing wind, raining and floods and other stuff also plays an important role. But does the plants and trees (or at least some of them) have their own means of doing so?

There is an interesting article which explores this topic. Digambar Vyas, in this article tries to bring some of the very interesting facts and phenomenons from the world of plants and trees and their efforts to reproduce and survive, successfully.

The article is not only well written, but also, is added with some nice illustrations and photographs to make it more authentic and interesting. This 6 page article is worth your time and efforts.

Once upon a time…:

In this article written by ace author Nagendra Vijay, you will get to know about some of the important incidents which played a vital role in shaping history of India (that is Bharat). It talks about 6 such incidents. In order to not to spoil your reading experience, I am not revealing much about the incidents talked about in this article. Here are some external links you may like to follow though.

Significant numbers we came across in our daily lives:

Have you ever consciously noted that we come across various numbers in our daily lives. Some of them are obvious like the kilometres we drive, the amount of money we pay or receive, the amount of goods we purchase or sell,… But in addition to them and the bar codes which we found on many products these days, there are many other numbers we came across. Eg. 2H Pencil, 4G mobile network, 5AMP on electronic product and more..

However, in addition to them there are many more numbers we came across, and an article by B. M. Purohit comes with interesting information about them. Here are some of them:

  • 5* (Five Star) Hotel
  • Rs 999 (price end with 9)
  • Eye Numbers
  • 24/7 (availability of service)
  • TRP (TV program rating)

It is an interesting article for those who love to collect such information.

Railgun, the game changing technology:

Recently, DRDO India, has successfully tested its new invention, Railgun. Though, the name may not be new for Hollywood action flick lovers. It seems to be a game changer technology in the war and national safety arena. A few curious readers asked Safari magazine to provide details about this project and weapon. And there is a very detailed “know all about” article answering the same.

The article is definitely worth reading.

Here are some of the public domain videos talking about Railgun.

Successful test fire…

The future weapon…

In addition there are many other articles and regular segments, but talking about all of them will make the article, a kind of brochure about the magazine.


Definitely a worth reading magazine which is worth your money and time. Don’t skip it. The only limitation is its limited reach as it is written in Gujarati. So, those who cannot read Gujarati, cannot enjoy it.

Over to you:

Do let us know your views about this article via comments below, we like to read you. And yes, do not forget to share this article with your friends who you think are interested in quality reading. Also subscribe to our newsletter, to get notified periodically about the articles we publish.

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