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Why Kolhapuri Chappals Are a Must Have Ethnic Footwear

If there is one particular footwear that represents the culture and tradition of India, it is the Kolhapuri chappals for men. This footwear has been here for ages and is still trending because of its versatility.

Chappals - A Good Choice To Go All Ethnic

Chappals – A Good Choice To Go All Ethnic

Handcrafted from leather, Kolhapuri chappals for men are the top choice for men who want to stay stylish but are also in touch with their roots. This particular footwear trend emerged in the 13th century and is still one of the top choices for men’s footwear.

Whether you are wearing a traditional outfit such as a kurta with dhoti or pyjama or even something casual such as jeans and a kurta, Kolhapuri chappals will do the perfect justice to your outfit. The high versatility of these footwear means that you can wear them in both formal and casual settings.

Whether it is summer or winter, this footwear is the best choice to pair with your outfits because they tend to absorb heat from the body while maintaining the body temperature. However, these benefits are visible when you wear Kolhapuri chappals for men for a longer period of time.

There are other reasons why this footwear is a must-have formen. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • Made from leather: Kolhapuri chappals for men are made from leather, which means they are stylish and classic, and durable in nature. Although made of leather, they are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. You can avail them in authentic leather and in colours such as black, brown and even tan.
  • Innovative designs: Kolhapuri chappals are innovative these days, which means their trendy designs make them a perfect choice even among college students. The T-strap design is basic and minimalistic, so one can even pair this footwear with jeans and a short kurta, a perfect combo for college festivals.
  • High versatility: Despite originating in the 13th century, Kolhapuri chappals for men have transitioned to much better and modern designs. This footwear, which was once a staple with kurta and dhoti, can now also be paired with chinos, jeans, and even pyjamas. They make for a great indo-western look if “fusion” is on your mind today. Also, don’t forget to explore the plethora of colour options available these days.
  • Celebrity favourite: Kolhapuri chappals for men are so trending these days that they have become a celebrity favourite. Whether it be red carpet events or promotional sprees, you will often spot your favourite celeb wearing this footwear in style. So if you want to amp up your style, take cues from the stylist B-Town favourites and invest in a pair of these hotties.
  • Extremely convenient: If you are looking for easy-to-wear footwear, Kolhapuris should be your go-to style. You just have to slip on a pair, and you’re all set to go. Whether you’re running errands or simply want to go for a stroll, this iconic footwear is easy to carry.

These are more than enough reasons for you to invest in a pair of Kolhapuri chappals for men. For an offbeat look, you can throw on a pair with your favourite distressed jeans and a short kurta.

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