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The Marriage Season Is Approaching | Let Us Go All Ethnic

So, one more year flew by with Diwali 2019! The new year came with new hopes and new beginnings. And, what could be a more interesting beginning of a new phase of life than a marriage?! You might have started receiving wedding cards and marking dates on your calendar :).

And, that must have started a hunt for the many grooming items but not limited to clothes, watches, jewellery, and more… The list, however, will remain incomplete without Ethnic Shoes, right?!

Traditional Dress Complemented By Ethnic Shoes

Traditional Dress Complemented By Ethnic Shoes

Oprah Winfrey once said:

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.

Imagine you see someone wearing a fantastic Indian Traditional wear and looks all fabulous in the ethnic wear, but when you look at their feet you will find something odd, the shoes which are out of sync; what would be your reaction?


The moral of the story is if you want to look great in the traditional outfits, you cannot ignore the importance of Ethnic Shoes. An ethnic outfit needs ethnic footwear, period. And, in traditional Indian weddings, shoes play a very important role. There is a tradition of stealing the shoes of the groom in some of the areas. And, the famous song “Jute Dedo, Paise Lelo” from “Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun…!” is proof of that.

Don’t you think that those ethnic shoes of the groom played an important role in Prem and Nisha’s love story in the film? So, if you are attending a wedding with that vision for you, don’t ignore the importance of Ethnic shoes.

The right footwear can change a person’s look significantly.

Your wardrobe during the wedding season must have a set of Kurta-Pajama for boys, Chaniya Choli for girls, and a pair of Mojari. A wedding is actually a set of occasions and you get a chance to get ready in different looks for different occasions like Sangeet, Haldi and Reception. Sangeet or the musical night is one of these occasions which is usually planned on the pre-wedding day. And these things go perfectly in sync with that occasion. Actually, the main marriage ceremony will mainly be following rituals and a predefined time table for the same in order to observe the “Muhurt”; but, this dance night is something which all the family members enjoy fully. And plus you get to dress up for different occasions wearing the trendy traditional dresses matching them with accessories and most importantly ethnic shoes.

Rich Sandals - A Perfect Option For Lovely Ladies For Almost All Ceremonies

Rich Sandals – A Perfect Option For Lovely Ladies For Almost All Ceremonies

Here is an interesting collection of ideas for bridal footwear.

Then comes the wedding day. There are various types of dressing themes people may want to go with, some prefer going with the Royal Jodhpuri way and some prefer going for the poppy pastel colours. And for that, you have to choose your footwear accordingly.

There are some important things to be taken care of while choosing wedding footwear. Amidst all the fun and feasting you being the bride would not want to end up with sore feet or by tripping all over. And only comfortable footwear guarantees that. There are “high heels” options available but you should go for it only if you are comfortable with it. It is a big no-no for the dance night. However, most of the ladies don’t like to go with “flat” footwear, anyway.

According to one popular survey, the most popular Indian ethnic shoes that are currently trending in the wedding scene are the stone-studded ones, strappy sandals with their embellishments going at least up to the ankle with a strap and buckle going around the leg. It is something unique and gives a touch of elegant feminine to the entire attire for sure. On the same theme, males can go for Kolhapuri chappals which goes fine with Indian traditional dress and look completely in sync.

Chappals - A Good Choice To Go All Ethnic

Chappals – A Good Choice To Go All Ethnic

So, what are your plans for this wedding season? Are you ready to go all ethnic?

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