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Celebrate this Diwali with Ethnicity

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In our land of festivals that celebrate cultural heritage and ethnicity, nothing quite matches the king of festivals for its splendour and richness. Diwali is the time to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, admire the colours of Rangoli, clean the debris of the previous year and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our houses and lives, greet a New Year and get together with family and friends over feasts and firecrackers.

Here are some simple basics to achieve the combination of traditional and comfortable with Ethnicity:
A “must-have” for your ethnic wardrobe are long skirts in rich colours and patterns.

Normally, it also means a lot of work for the ladies. But they also need to look great in the traditional wear for the pujas and celebrations. It is time to make merry in conventional clothing and jewellery. Very importantly, start looking after your hair and skin well in advance, while also managing the work, preparing the household and block the calendar with party invites :).

There is nothing like shopping with your friends and family for the Diwali sarees and new jewellery in the traditional markets. However, time management can become an issue in today’s busy life, especially if you are also trying to include a holiday journey in your days off along with the festivities. But there is a simpler way to manage your schedule and time – through online shopping 🙂 – so handy. You can shop from the comfort of your home or office, browse to your heart’s content and voila, it arrives with no fuss. When it comes to buying ethnic wear – there’s amazon, Biba, Craftsvilla, Global Desi and a lot more, but recently we came across Myntra’s Ethnicity collection, and with some great discounts and free shipping, why not give it a try?

Now I think, ethnicity’s main attraction is its elegance and classic lines that allows you to use the same outfit for different occasions just with a little creative flair and change of accessories, whether it is using a traditional skirt to make a Navratri worthy Chaniya Choli or use it as party-wear. Or take the traditional kurtas and combine with either Churidar, Leggings or Palazzo, add a Dupatta or not – and make an outfit to suit the gathering. This also works from the point that Sarees are great for the ritual part of the day, but you might want something less rich and a bit more comfortable during rest of the day, while still managing the traditional look.

Combine it with an Ethnicity top and some accessories, and you could go to dinner with friends, make a rangoli or light firecrackers with equal ease and comfort. There are a lot of other options in the ethnic wear range that will go nicely with your Ethinicity-Ethnicity wear. Check out the looks and ideas.

You can also go elegant with this fantastic range of short blouses & Lehengas. Mix and match, add a great dupatta and some dangles, and you are good to go. Bandhanis are also a good choice to go for when we talk about ethnic wears.

There are some great videos out there to learn hairstyles and make-ups. It is always good to try these beforehand, especially make-up, so you can replicate the look with ease and under the time pressure during the festival days.

In addition to yourself, you also might have young ones to get ready for the celebrations. Ethnicity section at most shopping site has Some ready-to-wear pieces that will fit the bill very nicely. And, I am sure, a lot of us would like to go for them as they would be easily available and we don’t need to wait for the tailor to complete stitching and finishing works. And not forgetting the little boys either… they can also dress up, while the older boys also have a fabulous range of options.

The good thing is, these ethnic wears can be reused on occasions like birthday celebration or even attending marriage and other social functions.

A big part of Diwali celebrations is of course gifts. You may be in a time-crunch to hunt for that perfect gift for your loved ones, but have a look here. You might find something to suit every budget, while you shop for the jewellery to go with your perfect outfit.

The rich needle and embroidery work, sometimes including gold and silver threads were the pride of our artists. You only need to take a look at the heavy zardozi or fine chickenkari to admire the length and breadth of the talent that goes into creating the lovely clothing that is our pride to wear in festival seasons like Diwali.

These are some fantastic options to get ready to celebrate Diwali in the ethnic way :), and you can get many more ideas from Internet shopping sites.

So are you ready to celebrate Diwali 2019 in Ethnic way? What are you going to dress-up with? Your comments may help others finding the better alternative for their choices :-).

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