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Reviewing academia.edu | An Education Oriented Website

Now a days the education is made available to all by several non-profit organizations, universities, educational institutions and other several individuals/ http://www.academia.edu/ – is a website which is education oriented as the name suggests. First thing first, this website is not totally open, it requires registration to access the content of the website. However the registration is free. You can ... Read More »

Reviewing cernland.net | A Website For Kids

As the summer vacation is approaching the kids will be having so much free time. It is definitely one of the great time of the year when they can enjoy without any restrictions and rejoice. This time also gives them the opportunity to learn some extra skills, know some new stuff, and get some real life lessons as well. This ... Read More »

SocialBlood.Org | Join Your BloodGroup | News

Blood is one of the most important liquid elements of the body. (Accurate Definition: Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. curtsey : Wikipedia). Related reading for you: A real hero missed an interview but saved a ... Read More »

programr.com | Website for Programmers | Informative Reviews

http://www.programr.com is a website developed by a Pune, India based start-up. The site is aimed for developers (both the experts and to be). They claim that you can learn, practice and showcase your IT skills online. Let us take a dig at the site. Related reading for you: dosomething.org | Website worth visiting | Informative Reviews InkTalks.com | Website Worth ... Read More »

The Google Doodle contest is back | News

In an interesting news Google have announced launch of fifth annual U.S. Doodle 4 Google contest. In the due course Google invite k-12 students in U.S. to participate in the same. Related reading for you: Facts About Google Doodles – ThinkerViews Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News Google reminds that Magnifier (Google’s Music Venture) is still alive | ... Read More »

Codecademy Website | A resource for Coder To Be and Coders both | Views And Reviews

Learning is the best experience. The joy came from the deepest heart when you learn something is something beyond the explanation. It is to be felt. Related reading for you: programr.com | Website for Programmers | Informative Reviews Reviewing academia.edu | An Education Oriented Website Symbols explained | Educational Videos | SixtySymbols.com website views and reviews Video lecture website Khan ... Read More »