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InkTalks.com | Website Worth To Visit | informative Views

It is quite a while since we did post a website review. Before a while we came across a website – http://www.inktalks.com – which we found worth sharing with our readers, and here are our views for the same.

If you seek inspiration from somewhere, there is nothing wrong in the same. Actually, we human beings often comes to a stage where motivational stuff pushes our efforts of being better in various aspects effectively. From the earlier stage of our life, when we attend school, such inspirational stuff help us defining goals. During our career it often wakes the entrepreneur within us and inspires us to do something exceptionally well. It is a different matter that we can reach to the target or not, but we definitely move a step ahead in the positive direction then we are, as a result.

The motivational speakers does the same thing. That is why all leading educational institutions calls someone inspirational, someone achieved remarkable success, someone who hadn’t follow the traditional path but drawn a new one, as the keynote speaker to deliver commencement speech.

You might start thinking why we are writing this stuff when reviewing a website. Well, the website we refer here contains some remarkable inspirational talks which will definitely motivate you.

InkTalks.com is a website which runs in association with TED and the content of the site is available under CC (Creative Commons license) to use (Though read it well before you use it). Being a platform of setting up dialogs with some remarkable persons. The good thing is the website is quite simple in terms of layout. And yes the layout is device friendly and in various browser resolution it doesn’t lose readability.

A list of speakers is available at: http://www.inktalks.com/people/speakers, an you can see people from various fields there. You can easily navigate to the talks with the desired person by clicking his name/photo; e.g. James Cameron.

The navigation menu of the site is grouped well to let you find your desired page available on the website. The People menu contains the links to speaker list and in addition the members/fellows of InkTalks team and their profile.

Various project and event list are available from Initiatives menu.

If all these links placed in the footer in grouped manner, the navigation will be more user-friendly.

The site also has a blog available at: http://www.inktalks.com/blog/; the navigation menu in the blog is a little different than that one of the main website.

Their About page provide more details about them.

There are so many websites available on the Internet, actually there a really few amongst them are useful. This website is amongst the useful ones for sure. And as it is continuous effort, it will be more effective in coming days for sure.

Our personal verdict: you must visit the website at least once.

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