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thisiswhyimbroke.com | A Very Different Kind Of Online Shop | Website Reviews

There are several websites which offers something unique and you need to visit it to believe it. thisiswhyimbroke.com falls in that category.

Of course, this is not the essential website, which you must visit. But at your leisure, you can visit to see some interesting offer. The site not only provides a good way to kill free time with enjoyment, but also makes you think about some interesting, some weird and some attractive stuffs available to purchase; which you don’t think of otherwise. There are some disgusting products, some not-usable-in-daily-life products and some pretty cool products available to explore.

ThisIsWhyIMBroke.com Website Screenshot

ThisIsWhyIMBroke.com Website Screenshot

The website interface is pretty simple and a little old fashioned. The products offered are arranged in the following main categories on this shopping site. Remember that some products appear in more than one sections.

  • What’s New
  • Gear + Gadgets
  • Geeky
  • Toys
  • Wearables
  • Home + Office
  • Food + Drink
  • Men’s Gifts

Remember the Jet-Pack you have seen with James Bond (in the film Thunderball)? A water jet pack is available on this website! Which is capable of lifting you up to 30 feet from the surface and advance you horizontally with the speed of up to 30MPH!! So, the James Bond gadget is not just the filmy thing! (Though it costs a lot, of course).
Quick link: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/the-water-jet-pack

There is a color-changing shower head available on the website. It makes LEDs in the head change its color based on water pressure (and yes the LEDs get power from the water pressure, so electricity required). It can lead to a fun experience in dark.
Quick link: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/the-water-jet-pack

There are wearable sleeping bags available on the website. There is a power water boat with the shape of a Dolphin. A good thing to be used in your vacation (if sea is near your reach and you can afford, the boat, the vacation and other stuffs 🙂 ). Some of the other interesting products listed below:

  • Inflatable Walk On Water Ball
  • TRON Motorcycle
  • Three Player Chess
  • Solid Gold iPhone
  • Aquatic Go-Kart
  • Biodegradable Thumb Drives
  • The Smelloscope
  • Bank Vault Of Gold Coins (Remember Uncle Scrooge?)
  • Musical Ruler
  • Upside Down Christmas Tree
  • Turn Signal Gloves
  • Playable Harmonica USB Drive
  • Electric Tank Wheelchair
  • Magic Wand Remote Control (Where are Harry Potter Fans?!!)
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Bulletproof suit
  • Edible Gummy Skull
  • Horse Tail LED Lights
  • Illuminated Hair Extensions
  • … (and more)

Seems interesting? All the items are listed by various people there. The website itself is not selling anything (and hence not shipping anything). You have to contact the seller and the cannot assist you with any issue (if) you face during the transaction. You can also sell items there if you think you have something interesting.

Overall it is a website which you can go for at your leisure (or when looking for something very different, which is not available at regular shopping sites).

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