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Tom Hanks’ Speech At Yale University | Words Of Wisdom

Tom Hanks – the academy award winning actor, director, writer was invited as the class day speaker on May 22nd 2011 at Yale University.

He gave the speech by wearing the cap with Yale university mark there. Which make him look like part of the group. Tom tells a lot of stuff. Regarding the war, the conditions, the surroundings, the nature, current issues, future issues to be deal with, the US soldiers fighting for USA and many other stuff. The summary is: the speech deals with two things, the fear and the faith (that the fear can be conquered and it is to be conquered); or we better say it is discussion about fear v/s faith?!

Via the story of a wise man and few pilgrims, he convey that everyone fears from something. So it is not bad to have fear, but it is better to conquer the same with the faith.

We believe that the faith comes from believing in one’s abilities (the talent, the knowledge, the skills, or any similar attribute). So one needs to get educated and learn the skills that help him/her to conquer the fear. It is not only the proper thing for your own good, but for your society, your country, your planet… every single thing needs that.

And yes, you may have different views than ours, in terms of this speech or anything else. You are welcome to present your genuine views/comments/remarks, we love to hear the same.

Here is the speech video:

Here is the summary (as we understand from the same) of his speech:

  • There is always a balance between the positive and the negative, the progress and fall back, peace and war; it is the reality, accept it.
  • Fear is very progressive, cheap, faster in spreading, attention grabbing and more.
  • Fear if cultivated it become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.
  • Like fear, faith is also implanted inside us. It is the self determination.
  • Fear of strangers can be overcome by befriend them (show your humanity, kindness, genuine human qualities to them).
  • Fear of death can be overcome by not being feared from the same.
  • Fear and faith are co-existing, so its up to you to give chance to which one.
  • Its you who can help your fear to go and faith to rise.
  • Be courageous and live your life by haivng fear at your back and faith in front of you.

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