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I Am Number Four | Hollywood Sci-Fi Movie | Film Reviews

Based on a science fiction novel named I Am Number Four by author Pittacus Lore, the movie I Am Number Four belongs to the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) category.

Movie :
I Am Number Four
Producer : Michael Bay
Director :
D. J. Caruso
Based On : I Am Number Four by
Screenplay : , ,
Musician : Trevor Rabin
Cinematography : Guillermo Navarro
Editors : Jim Page, Vince Filippone
Studio : DreamWorks, Reliance Big Entertainment, Bay Films
Released On :
Starring : Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron, Callan McAuliffe, Kevin Durand, Jake Abel, Jeff Hochendoner, Greg Townley, Reuben Langdon, Judith Hoag, Brian Howe, Charles Carroll, Ken Beck, Tucker Albrizzi, Emily Wickersham, Patrick Sebes, Andy Owen, L. Derek Leonidoff, Garrett M. Brown, Megan Follows, Sabrina de Matteo, Cooper Thornton, Jack Walz, Bill Laing, Beau Mirchoff, Cody Johns, and others…

As we are watching a Sci-Fi movie, we have to understand that there is not only a single planet named Earth, where life is found in such various and good form. Lorien is such another planet, where people are very advanced. And of course, there are bad people everywhere. There is one such there too. Mogadorians have planned (which they implemented successfully later) to destroy the planet. However there are a few Alien (children) was rescued before the same, and they were sent to Earth (so they can survive). John Smith is one of those eight people. John is grown up (now a young adult) under the protection of Henri, with whom he was living. As seen in so many other Sci-Fi films, the aliens possess some super power, which make them different than us (humans). John has developed some powers, strengths and legacies, which include being him able to send plasma light through his hands.


The Mogadorians however found about the rescued children and trace their trail. They came to the Earth to find and execute the remaining of those. Their leader is known as “the commander”. Somehow the Loriens can be assassinated (killed) in a sequence. So Number one should be executed first, then number two, then number and so on. The good thing is John is the fourth one in the series. And the bad thing is john is number four. The worst thing is, first three Loriens are already assassinated (hence number four – John Smith) is the next target.

Knowing this Henri insist him to leave the place they were living at (a beach house in Florida). They head to an old farm in Paradise, Ohio; as their next destination. The new home, may not be liked much by John, but he have no other option. He befriends there with a teen named Sam Goode. Sam is a conspiracy theorist and his late father had something to do with the aliens. At least he believes so. Sam has a dog named Bernie Kosar.


In the sequence of events John and Sam became friends. There is also a pretty girl in the school (without her how can the story move ahead?!) named Sarah Hart . Her ex-boyfriend doesn’t like Sam. He (football player Mark James) tried taking John to his side, but by failed doing so, he is no more a friend to John. John gradually develops a soft corner for Sarah and we can say they fall in love.

There came the Halloween and the people of the town visit a funfair. The crowd includes John / Sarah and others. Sarah insist John to visit the dangerous ride (not actually dangerous, just full of pranks). Which in-turn be dangerous for both them, as Mark tried bully John. In the woods, during the dangerous chase John had to use his legacies to save himself from being beaten. Thus his true identity was revealed. John tells the truth about him to Sam as well.


Mark’s father, a police officer, next day started inquiring John and Henri. More and more people gets suspicious about them. John’s videos are circulating on social networking websites exposed his legacies and it is now dangerous for them to live there. It is just the matter of time they can get caught by the Mogadorians. Despite of Henri’s so much efforts, John was not ready to leave the place, due to Sarah. He want to live his life with her. (Which cost him Henri’s life!)

A girl “Number Six” is also in danger. Her guardians were already killed. She knew that Number One to Number Three are already killed and Number four is being hunted. As they are almost on their own, she thought, the only wise thing is, the Loriens have to be united and fight the Mogadorians.

Will they be able to survive from the Mogadorians?

Alex talking about the movie and the character



The movie cast member talking about the movie:


Behind the scenes:


The plot/story seems took a lot from the Superman fantasy. Eg. Superman belong to the different planet, he have some great powers, his parents were killed, he was being rescued by planet earth; same here. The antagonists/deadly objects belong to the original planet are dangerous for both the superheroes. Both have a lady love belongs to the human kind. Well, it is not possible to see a super hero and do not compare him with Superman right?

It must be said that the movie have some stunning performances and good background score. Also the visuals are good. The fight between the Mogdorians and Loriens sometimes look very dark. The morphing is used effectively. However in a Sci-Fi movie, you may expect something more. The story has some flows as well. Overall a movie to watch at your leisure.

The original book I Am Number Four, have a prequel I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy and a sequel The Power of Six.

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