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Episode 7 Of Akbar The Great Hindi TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

Humayun was one of those fellows who keep their words. It made him worrying about the money he need to arrange. In order to keep his promise given to Rana, he need to punish Shah Hussain.

TV Series :
Akbar The Great
Music : Naushad
Art : T. K. Desai
Photography : V. Subba Rao
Dialogs :
Screenplay :
Producer : Akbar Khan
Director : Akbar Khan
Cast : Sahid Khan, Vikrant, Kaushal Kapoor, Shammi, Kamal Malik, Aman Quraishi, Arvind, Ishtiaq Khan, Sumita Siddharth, Gazal, Syed Nawab Shah and others.
Format : DVD
Language : Hindi
Video Encoding : NTSC All Regions

It all starts with the famous lines:

“Sooraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramak Chhod Jaaunga
Main Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chhod Jaaunga”

And to do that, he need to attack Shah Hussain with fully loaded army. To arrange the army he need money to pay (the soldiers and the artillery and other stuff costs of course). However Johar proposed a solution for this problem as well. Only Dardibeg can solve the problem, has he has a lot of wealth and he had a weakness too. He can do almost anything for getting interest on the money and he is keen to land the same for that purpose.

Humayun was not so sure to propose Dardibeg by not trusting his honesty, but Johar suggested that the one who land money is honest to his money earning tactics only. So if he somehow convinced that he will get handsome interest on the same, he will be surely ready to land money to Humayun. And hence it is worth to try approaching him.

And after convincing Mirza Humayun, Johar approach Mirza Dardibeg.

Johar’s meeting with Dardibeg went well (as he is ready to pay 20% interest). And the money was secured.

Humayun was also happy by thinking about the prophecy he heard about his to be child. He was dreaming about his future positively. He also admired the pain his queen went through of course. But it is said that the great examinations are tough and the results of the same are splendid of course.

The next day Humayun had to leave for the war as he promised Rana. His queen bid adieu to him. They both told each other to take care for his/herself. The dialogs are first rate and so does the screenplay. The background music is good too. If sets were better, the output could have been more fantastic. Overall a watchable episode of course. Remarkable research work was done and it is displayed in the incidents.

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