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Stephen Colbert’s Commencement Speech At NorthWestern University | Words Of Wisdom

Stephen Colbert is an American political satirist who is an actor, writer, comedian and a television host. He was invited to address the commencement at the Northwestern University. As he is a satirist we can assume that his speech must have some sugar coated punches, some advice and speech will not be boring right? Let us see how it was?

It is worth to note that he himself attended the graduation ceremony for himself in 1986 (he was unable get his diploma in that ceremony – as he says in the speech), the 25 years ago (from the time he had given this speech). Some may think that he should avoid using adult stuffs, especially on the graduation day speech. So make sure that you want to hear those stuff before playing the video. Though, if you can go through the stuff and get essence form the speech and if it can be a path showing stuff for you, it will be fantastic.

  • Follow your dreams, but if your dream is not complete, it is not the end of the world. There is always a chance to dream something else, more real, more achievable and sometimes the better alternative to the original. Also when one is following his/her dream, (s)he has to make sure that the dream is worth it (and is meaningful).
  • Being part of a group is following the followers and serving the servants.
  • You cannot win the life, you have to live it.
  • Love others and serve others. If you will be lucky enough, you will find those, who love you and serve you in the return.

Also, this is purely our interpretation and summary of the speech. You may or may not agree with us. Let us know your views. It is always good to share good thoughts. This makes knowledge more accurate.

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