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Detailed Reviews For Episode 5 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

It has been long since we wrote the last review for the (then running) Hindi TV Serial – Kahani Chandrakanta Ki. Now the serial is not being aired any more, but its episodes are available for watching online on YouTube for free. So let us continue with the content details for Episode 5 of the same.

It won’t be wrong to say that the serial failed to create the magic the first installment of the same (Chandrakanta – Hindi TV serial – which was aired long ago on Doordarshan). Of course it has larger than the life sets, splendid technologies used, Some of the actors worked up-to-the mark, and many more positive points.

Damini was going for a prayer to the temple in the jungle when she was stopped by a few enemies. She was about to be captured and dragged with them (or killed) but saved by a brave warrior named Abhimanyu Singh. Abhimanyu Singh belongs to king VirendraSinh and hence Chunargadh. There was a long fight sequence of Abhimanyu [Vindu Dara Singh] with the opponents here.

Abhimanyu then scolds Damini for leaving the hut she is living in. According to Abhimany as Damini know that their enemies are spread everywhere she should not have to take any foolish step. On the other side Damini got bored and feeling low by living alone in the hut since long. She was once living like a free bird in ShivGadh so this life is like she is in the cage.

Abhimanyu tells her that he haven’t told her to live such life. She is free to go ShivGadh [Shivgarh] if she will. Even he is ready to escort her to the boundary of ShivGadh safely. But if she lives here then she have to live according to the safety rules made by him.

Why is Damini living there if she doesn’t like to?
Well, Damini is looking for Roopmati and her safety. As per Damini’s beleif, Abhimanyu Singh is the only one who can lead her to Roopmati, whom she haven’t met since long. Badrinath is the only one who knows the whereabouts of Roopmati. And Abhimanyu is looking for him. If he is able to get hold of Badrinath, they can get information about Roopmati. Though, neither Abhimanyu nor Damini know, where Badrinath is.

Why Abhimanyu is helping Damini?
Well, Abhimanyu is loyal to king Virendra Singh and hence Badrinath is his opponent. And after fighting against each other, the soldiers of opponent armies develop personal hate for each other as well. Abhimanyu Singh’s intentions are to capture and kill Badrinath, if he is able to do so, it will be a large set back for ShivDutt’s army (and a big gain for his side). He knows that Badrinath now have only two goals in his life. Fighting for Shiv Dutt to get him is throne and kingdom back, and, search for Damini. So one day he will come there searching Damini and he can get hold of Badrinath.

If this happen, then both Damini and Abhimanyu are able to fulfill their wishes. So it is a war and everyone have their own plans. Damini however was in a dilemma. She is not happy with the fact that she has to put a life in danger [Badrinath] to save the other [Roopmati]. She was sent back to her hut by Abhimanyu then.

Where is Badrinath as of now? Will he got trapped? The hut where Damini lives, belongs to whom? What is Chandilal doing? Where is Roopmati?

Here is the episode for you to watch and enjoy…

The action sequences are the positive points of this episode. The background music is good as well. Vindu tries acting good but his dialog delivery have chances to get better. Vinod Kapoor and Rajendra Gupta are good and convincing. The actress playing Damini puts genuine efforts. Mamik’s front-teeth makes a puncture in his persona. The get up of Gurudev (Baba) is not convincing at all. The actress playing Mayajal fails creating any impact.

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