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The ultimate fact is making a quality kid movie is not a kid’s play. You are thinking about a different age group and even a generation. The innocence and mindset kids have must to be taken care of, when trying to deliver such stuff. Though, it is good that many producers/directors/actors show the guts to take such challenge. The great thing is some of the movies came as the result of the same are really remarkable ones.

Having animations and real characters in the same frame is tough to manage at the directors end, and it is tougher for the actor to act by imagining virtual characters at specific place and respond to the same. And it is not anyone can play. Vishal Devgan, who works with the screen name of Ajay Devgan have also made one such movie before, Raju Chacha. It doesn’t matter if it was hit/flop or even some of the sequences of the same were inspired from Home Alone/Richie Rich etc. It was a genuine effort at a larger scale for sure.

Movie : Toonpur Ka Superhero
Director : Kirit Khurana
Producer : Kumar Mangat Pathak
Released On : 24 December 2010
Actors : Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Tanuja, Amey Pandya, Sanjay Mishra, Delnaz Paul, Mukesh Tiwari, Raza Murad, Sanjay Dutt and others

This time he is again part of another kid film titled “Toonpur Ka Superhero” with his beloved wife playing the same character in the film. The special effects, 3-D cartoons (or toons as referred in the movie) and real humans interacting with the same definitely high points of the films but there are other remarkable stuffs too. Well, let me clarify that it is having its loose ends too.

Let us take a look at the story of the same first. It is the story of the famous actor Aditya Kumar and his journey for being a super hero in the mind of his son as well. Aditya played super hero in a number of movies and acclaimed for his performances as well. Though his son thinks his father is a fake hero. Because, all his stunts were done by his duplicates and not him. He was the who hogs up the lime light for the hard work the stuntmen does. Well the kid is right as his point of view too. Actually we see that Aditya also encourages the stuntmen and respects his hard work too. But, for any parent, having the respect in the mind of his/her own kid is the most important thing.

Once a running race is arranged in the kid’s school. He was there with his mother (very obsessed with Vaastu stuff) to cheer him up. Aditya has to come there as he have promised. He was willing to come but the tight shooting schedules and traffic prevented him reaching there on time. Furious for not seeing his father the kid walks out from the race and went back to his home with his mother. At home Aditya despite of his tiredness and long work day tried cheering his son up but the conversation leads to arguments by his son and the kid behaves improperly. As his wife tries cheering him up but Aditya got emotionally very much disturbed from the incident. He was thinking the ways he can be a super hero or even a hero in his kid’s opinion. He was ready to do whatever it takes for the same! This is the clear picture that how important kids are for the parents in actual!

But where are the toons and all? Well, the kids of Aditya loves watching cartoons like other kids. They all live in a (fictional) village/city/state called Toonpur. The things were really well there. The two kind of tribes called Toonasurs (Toon + Asur) and Devtoons (Dev + Toon) were living happily and cherishing their friendship with each other. But how can the story move ahead if all is well. And of course, time have its own impact on the stuff. There also rises a dark lord and the Tonnasurs and Devtoons were no more friends. Devtoons had to live in the merciful conditions under the ruling of Toonasurs.

The wisest and eldest man of Devtoons then advises people to look for the superhero for the Toonpur. Who will come and get them out of all the sorrows and defeats. A very similar legend about a savior right! Where and how they will find their SuperHero? Well, if we used to watch cartoons then, cartoons are watching the movies as well! And they know that there is the only answer to all their needs. The superhero Aditya kumar! He must be the man with the supernatural powers and can defeat toonasurs! But how to bring Aditya to the Toonpur?!

Well, where there is will there is a way. A movie buff toon and his friends plans something special. They call the secretary of Aditya to try get an appointment with him. Though Aditya have the busy schedules for next few years, it found impossible to get hold of him. They then introduces themselves as the Hollywood film makers and they were ready to pay a handsome amount of money too. The tricked worked and the meeting between Aditya and the toons were set! Well, there are problems! How they will meet Aditya? Two toons turn into someone new, someone different through makeover and disguise tricks. They then meet Aditya and when his secretary was away they kidnaps Aditya! In all these actions locket of a famous toon falls out without his knowledge. Of course, you need a way to find who committed the crime.

The media got the needed masala as the superhero film star went missing. The family of Aditya was very upset and finding desperately him. They also insist police to make the searching efforts stronger and raise some political pressure as well. Pressure of public was there too. Here Aditya wakes up in a very different surrounding and when he heard all the stuff and he had to fight the toonasurs and all; he got shocked!

>What will happen now? Will the family get Aditya back? Will his family also be trapped? Can he play a superhero for Toonpur? How the stuff moves ahead is significantly better to watch rather than discuss. Its a simple kid film. Do not expect much logic or something, but joy of course. The anthem sung by Toons when their superhero was marching towards the enemies is cool (wordings “Jeetoge Tum”). Also some dialogs and phrases will surely catch your attention. For example, the gun made for the superhero was named as Dev-Gun. Kajol and Ajay both are complete natural and played their parts pretty well. The 3D animation and their human interaction are to be appreciated for sure. The movie will remind your similar sequences form other Hindi and English movies without a doubt. The emotional stuff is not that much impactful.

Apart from its own highs and lows, it is a delight to watch and a complete family entertainer. Nowadays there are a really few number of movies come which can be watched with the family and you will love this for sure.

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