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Malgudi Days – The Hindi TV Serial On DVD – Views And Reviews For Episode – Siddha – Leela’s Friend

It is the story of a middle class family girl Leela and her friend Siddha. The family is living in the normal middle class family usually live. Leela was playing while her mother was preparing the dinner for them. She was called at the dining table and we see that they have the power outage at that time. Her mother blamed his father was the responsible person for the same. As the electricity bill was not paid on time, the power cut was there. Though it seems that Leela’s father was a happy-go-lucky guy. He was happy in that situation also. He was enjoying a motivational song at the time.

TV Serial : Malgudi Days
Director : Shankar Nag
Created By : R. K. Narayan
Sketch Artist : R. K. Laxman
Hindi Translation : Sharad Joshi
Actors : Master Manjunath [Swami], Girish Karnad [Swami’s father], Vaishali Kasaravalli [Swami’s Mother], B Jayashree [Swami’s Grand Mother], Kanti Madiya [ Muni / Muniya ], B Jayashree [Muni’s Wife], Somu [Shopkeeper], Teddy White [American / Newyork tourist] and others (including but not limited to Anant Nag, Dada, Vishnuvardhan, Shankar Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Padmini Sirish)

He was cheering them up but failed in his attempts. Though, Leela loved it and enjoyed it. He also suggested Kamala to have a servent. That will make her life easier. Kamala told that it is difficult to find a good servant. He then asks his wife Kamala to relax and cheer up. As she was tensed with a lot of thing. When raise the question about going to market the next day to brought vegetables etc. he joyfully accepted the responsibility. Next day he and his daughter Leela were at the market. When they were back Leela was happy and playing with the ball in her hand. There was a person standing near the gate of his him. His name was Siddha and he overheard the conversation between the husband-wife about their need of a servent. He proposed them for the same with his introduction. The man asked Kamala about the same. Kamala found the person is at least have good manners and look organized too.

After the primary interview they have appointed him as the servent to their home. Siddha then became a kind of inseparable part of the family. He took almost all the resposibilities. He wake up very early and work till late night. His work included everything from kitchen to market, washing the cloths to clean up, in short almost all the routine work at a home. Additional he was the one who was having the responsibility of Leela too. He used to drop Leela to school and pick her up too. When she was tired, Siddha used to bring her home by having her on his arms. When Leela was desperate to hear a story, he was the one who was there to tell her fascinating stories. When Leela wanted to play, he was there to play with her. Of course by completing all the duties he have in the home. He was though never found tired or never said no for any work he is allotted with happy face. All went well, very well.

But life is not all about the good things only. Profit and loss, good and bad, climing and scrolling, up and down; all these are the part of the life. Such thing was waiting for Siddha too. Once a necklace was found missing from the home. Siddha was the one, who was in the shadow of doubts. The family asked him via separate ways and then straight about the same. But, Siddha kept telling that he is innocent and he had nothing to do with the incident. However who will believe him? He was heart-broken, after all dedicated hard work and generous effort he got this?! In stead of being appreciated he has to claify his stand and innocence. He tried all, to convince the family that he seriously doesn’t know anything about the necklace, nor did he did any theft in the home.

He was again asked the stuff as the last chance before handing him over to the police. But Siddha was firm on his version of explanation that he didn’t theft and he doesn’t know anything about the necklace. No one believed him but Leela. She protested a lot but she was just a kid. She was unable to prevent Siddha being taken into the custody by the police! What will happen now? Is Siddha really innocent? Will anyone believe him? Will anyone have had any feeling for him, apart from Leela? or he was just a thing for all them, use it and when it is not usable (or problematic) throw it? Doesn’t honesty and generocity have any value in the society? There are many many questions but the answers can be better answered by watching it on your own.

The act of the cast was remarkable. So simple yet power direction makes the story watchable. When watching the episode, you may found at least a couple of examples of such real life incidents which you can associate with the tale. Nice effort by the writer and actor. Watch it and you will not be disappointed.

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