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Somprabha And Her Three Suitors | Vikram aur Betaal | TV Serial on DVD Views and Reviews

Again, as Vikram spoke, to answer the question of Betaal, he escaped from Vikram’s custody. Though Vikram followed him and fought him deadly to take back in his custody and again they started for the Yogi’s place. On the way, Betaal praised Vikram for his bravery, intelligence and analytical skills. To kill the time, he started telling a new story to Vikram. It was the story of “Somprabha and her three suitors”. Related reading for you: Read More »

Love Story of Yashodhan | TV Serial Vikram aur Betal on DVD – Views and Reviews

Once again, as Vikram answered Betal, Betal escaped from his grip and flew back to his place on the tree in the graveyard. Vikram followed him and fought him. Vikram overpower Betaal and took him again into his custody, and left for the Yogi’s place. Vetal started talking to Samrat Vikramaditya and offered him to listen the story he is going to tell. By warning Vikram, if he will speak, Betal will escape again, he started telling the story. It is the Love Story Of King Yashodhan. Related reading for you: Read More »

King Roopsen and his bodyguard Virvar | Vikram Aur Betal | TV Serial On DVD | Views Reviews

AS Vikram answered the question, Betal got back to his place and Samrat Vikramaditya have to get him back again with the same struggle he made in the first attempt. Again on the way to the Yogi’s place, Vetal (Betal) started telling another story in order to pass the time their way back. It is the story of  “King Roopsen and his bodyguard Virvar”. Related reading for you: Read More »

Tale 1 : Vikarm Aur Betaal : TV Serial On DVD : Views and Reviews

After Vikram controlled Betaal, he left for Yogi’s place where he was doing ultimate worship. On the way from graveyard to the Yogi’s place, Betal (Vetal) started talking to Vikram. He told Vikram that he will tell him a story which will help them passing time when keep walking. There is a catch though, Vikram should have to hear the story attentively but should not speak anything. Betaal asked, if Vikram will utter a word, he will get out of his control and will get back to his place in the graveyard’s tree by flying. Vikramaditya agree. Related reading for ... Read More »

The tales of Vikram and Vetal

The name of Samrat Vikramaditya is very popular and taken with respect especially in Indian subcontinents. King Vikramaditya or Vikram often referred as veer Vikram (the brave Vikram) was famous for his qualities. He is considered as one of the most ideal kings a citizen or a kingdom could have seen. He was given the title of “ParDukhBhanjan” (The one who does everything he can to get others out of any problems and sorrows). He was also known for his quality of analyzing the situation with great intelligence, and produce the justice. It is considered that he never made any ... Read More »