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Samrat & Co. | Bollywood Crime Thriller Movie Reviews

Talking about detective fiction and not talking about Sherlock Holmes is not possible, if you are familiar with English literature. British author Arthur Conan Doyle have created this immortal (literally) character which became immensely popular, even beyond the imagination of the author himself. Sherlock and Watson became popular in Briton and eventually all around the world. Their stories are translated ... Read More »

Reviews For Episode 16 Of Upanishad Ganga | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

16th episode of Hindi TV Serial – Upanishad Ganga – is focused on Renunciation (in the context of the episode it is about dedicating one’s life to the greater good of the nation and society). TV Serial : Upanishad Ganga Producers : Chinmaya Mission Director : ChandraPrakash Dwivedi Starring : Abhimanyu Singh, Vishwa Badola, Rushad Rana, Jaya Bhattacharya, Zakir Hussain, ... Read More »

Rustom | Hindi Thriller Film | Movie Reviews

Commander K. M. Nanavati case got very much attention during it’s time. Whatever we say, the public always respected our soldiers, be it from any division (Army, Navy, Air Force). They are our guardians and we know it pretty well. Thus they are the most respected citizens of the country. So any time if any soldier of any rank is ... Read More »

Once upon a time in India: The Marvelous Adventures of Captain Corcoran by Alfred Assollant | Book Reviews

Once upon a time in India: The Marvelous Adventures of Captain Corcoran by Alfred Assollant

There was a time when teenagers were fascinated by adventure stories that made a big chunk of their vacation reading, especially before internet made the world such a small place and made so many more options available. We have all been exposed to translated stories of Joules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Satyajit Rai (Feluda mysteries), and countless others during ... Read More »

Mohenjo Daro | A Period Film | Bollywood Movie Reviews

Ashutosh Gowarikar is a talented film maker and there are no two thoughts on that. He is often referred to as the one who makes lengthy movies. Actually there is nothing wrong in making lengthy movies, if they are gripping. And yes, you cannot score a century in each of your batting innings. The latest movie by him, Mohenjo Daro ... Read More »