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Ph.D. Students and their guide – Flop Show Tv Serial On DVD Reviews

The fifth episode of satirical titled “Flop Show” Mr. Bhatti takes on the education system actually. Though, the focus is set on the candidates and his guide helping them in conquering Ph. D. – the degree of excellence in a specific field. It shows how the guides are using the candidate’s dependency on them for his own personal interest and use them as the servants without pay. The episode is “Dedicated to those, who served more to the (project) guides instead of serving science in order to get the degree of Ph. D.”; in Mr. Bhatti’s words. Related reading for ... Read More »

Contractors Episode From Flop Show TV Serial On DVD Views and Reviews

“My own home“, is one of most loved dream of majority people. It is considered as an achievement to have own home, where a person can live in the way he wish (of course within his/her financial boundaries). One common problem the people face when purchase a home is the quality of construction. It is found in a lot many cases that the contractors use more sand then the cement, poor quality construction material and more. This satirical series, takes on such incidents, which involves the residents, the contractors, the approving engineers and so called inspection panels. One day when ... Read More »

Property episode of Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

The third episode of “Flop Show” takes on the people who captures the home where they leave on rent and then asks for a handsome amount of money to leave it.  Related reading for you: Medical Bills episode from Flop Show TV Serial On DVD Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews Views and reviews of Episode of Udaan Hindi TV Serial On DVD Tehkikaat | TV Serial | Next Episode on DVD views and reviews Read More »

Medical Bills episode from Flop Show TV Serial On DVD

The second episode of Jaspal Bhatti’s “Flop Show” is about the “Medical Bills”. In most offices (especially, government offices, or corporates, not the smaller ones), there is medical allowance is offered to the employee. The idea is, if someone is worry free about his/her self and family’s health related expenses, the person can devote more efforts to the office/business’ favor. Though it is found that employee used to make a fraud here (not all, of course, but a lot). There are various ways to earn money via this facility. Like, have the medical stores to issue false bills and pay ... Read More »

Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

In 1989, when it was running the Golden Times for DoorDarshan, Indian Television Network; the TV series “Flop Show” was aired. It was a show written and directed by Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, who himself played one of the protagonist in the same. Jaspal Bhatti is a noted humorist, who took on the current issues in a his own manner. He choose a very unusual name for his tv series “Flop show”, and even his name comes in the title as “misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti”. With each episode he tried to explore a new segment of the society which either creates ... Read More »