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Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

In 1989, when it was running the Golden Times for DoorDarshan, Indian Television Network; the TV series “Flop Show” was aired. It was a show written and directed by Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, who himself played one of the protagonist in the same. Jaspal Bhatti is a noted humorist, who took on the current issues in a his own manner. He choose a very unusual name for his tv series “Flop show”, and even his name comes in the title as “misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti”. With each episode he tried to explore a new segment of the society which either creates a problem for a layman or a mismatched part of the ideal society.

Every episode start with a brief note, about the episode, followed by the title track. He tried exploring the problems, which are now integral parts of the society and it is corrupting the real “society” (in broad meaning). The problems explored for the time the serial was aired; are faced today as well. Although the serial was having merely 10 episode. It is still in the mind of people who watched it, and Mr. Jaspal Bhatti will be remember for his unique style to take on the deceased segment of the society. Mr. Bhatti later worked in movies like “Janam Samjha karo”.

The cast remains same in most of the episode Mr. Jaspal Bhatti ( Jaspal Bhatti himself) and his wife preeti ( Savita Bhatti, the real wife of Mr. Bhatti) plays the main characters. Having Vivek Shauq as one of main lead and the other team members. Most of the episodes shoot in Chandigarh.

The first episode is about the “Chief guests”. Usually it is found that people do not care for punctuality. The functions do not start at the scheduled time and the chief guests are usually late. It is now a fashion to reach late at the places where you are important. Keep people waiting, shows your importance. The more you make people waiting for you, the more important you are, is the motto.

It starts as the function is started, the hall is full with audience, announcements are made that, the chief guest will come soon and we will start our function then. Mr. Bhatti then came one hour late of the original time he has to arrive at. He is called on the stage for his speech and he reveals that, today he needed to the other function after some time. The audience is lucky that he is just one hour late otherwise he usually reaches one and half hour late at any function. He that tells the incident when he was honored as the chief guest for the first time in his life.

Before a few years, a couple of people visit Jaspal Bhatti’s home claiming that they are the members of “young artists” related institution. They are going to arrange the annual function on the 7th and Mr. Bhatti is requested to be a chief guest there. Mr. Bhatti agree. He then call one of his friend who has been made chief guest once in his life, to get some guidance. The friend told that, the main thing chief guest has to do is be there at the function, deliver a small speech and wear a good dress.

They then visits a professional speech writer to get his speech for the occasion ready. Visits a tailor to get something special to wear for the occasion. It is shown that Mr. Bhatti is very punctual of time. Though on the previous day of the function he found that his speech, which he yet need to remember is lost. The speech writer was in jail due to income-tax raid. So they cannot get the new speech ready, Mr. Bhatti’s friend advices him to prepare speech on his own, which he does.

They then reaches the venue, exactly on time. As the function is not started yet, even the preparation was at its primary stage. As no one have seen him, no one could identify him. He then tried to meet the chief organizer, who came invite him as chief guest. But, he is told that the organizer is busy. When he was tried entering the hall, the worker who was hanging the banner drops the bucket of color on him. He then asked by some people to help them arranging some furniture also. We hear organizers talking, “as the function is scheduled to start at 7:00, it will be started at 8:00 and chief guest will arrive around 8:30”. Then Mr. Bhatti realize that, if you reach on time, you are not so important person. Be late and you are important.

It is a solid punch on this reality of the society.

Mr. Bhatti is a multidimensional personalty. His wife is not upto that mark in acting. Late Vivek Shauq was of course one of brilliant talents. Other characters does hey part convincingly. The title track is nice. The DVD quality is good enough. Overall, a nice experience to watch it.

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