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Ph.D. Students and their guide – Flop Show Tv Serial On DVD Reviews

The fifth episode of satirical titled “Flop Show” Mr. Bhatti takes on the education system actually. Though, the focus is set on the candidates and his guide helping them in conquering Ph. D. – the degree of excellence in a specific field. It shows how the guides are using the candidate’s dependency on them for his own personal interest and use them as the servants without pay. The episode is “Dedicated to those, who served more to the (project) guides instead of serving science in order to get the degree of Ph. D.”; in Mr. Bhatti’s words.

An average student named Vinod was working in the chemistry lab trying an experiment, being overlooked by his guide Mr. Bhatti, does a mistake and a small blast not only destroys the experimental stuffs, but also creates a chaos in the lab. We see that Vinod goes to the milkman early in the morning to collect the milk from there to deliver the same at Mr. Bhatti’s home. Mr. Bhatti was relaxing with his wife. Vinod asks Mr. Bhatti that if Mr. Bhatti needs any vegetable then he could visit the market for them by explaining that there are good quality potatoes are there in the market. On confirmation from Mrs. Bhatti to bring 15 Kg. potatoes, Mr. Bhatti asks him to bring just 250 grams of the same. When being asked by vinod that he found some thesis material needs to be checked by Mr. Bhatti asks that he will not be coming to the department office (at university) today, as he need to bring his car to the garage. Mr. Bhatti advises Vinod to look for the study material collected by a research fellow in past, who is no more. In library Vinod meets his fellow student Geeta who was also doing Ph.D. under guidance of Mr. Bhatti. She reveals that Mr. Bhatti not only arranges books and study material for her but also praises her beauty. Vinod asks her to go for a coffee in the university canteen as Mr. Bhatti will not be attending the college today.

Mr. Bhatti was found at garage where the mechanic suggests him to sell his car, as it is having start-up problem almost daily. Mr. Bhatti tells that start-up in the morning is no-issue for him as he have a few students ready to push it in the morning. The problem is for the evening. Mr. Bhatti then decides to set one of his Ph.D. students on the mission to sell his car in return of his thesis to be accepted for Ph.D. He asks one of his students for the same, who understands that he will conquer the degree only if he was able to sell his guide’s car, he requests his father to purchase the same; who denies the same. We see that the project guide have no time to support Vinod in his efforts for the study, but have all the time in the world to fascinate the girl student and helping her.

Mr. Bhatti got a new responsibility as his sister-in-law, Sweety, granted a divorce and will be coming back to India (from England) with his mother-in-law; and he need to find a new groom for her. As she needs a groom must be Ph.D., Mr. Bhatti needs to do that. Mr. Bhatti decided to propose one of his intelligent and genuine student Manoj for the same indirectly, and he found that Manoj got engaged just a day before. Mr. Bhatti got disturbed and unhappy with Manoj. When Mr. Bhatti was going to airport to receive his sister-in-law and mother-in-law his car stopped mid way, which he then asks Vinod to bring back to his home. When Vinod goes to Mr. Bhatti’s house to return the car keys, Mr. Bhatti’s mother-in-law see him and started liking him. Now Mr. Bhatti’s responsibility is to arrange the meetings and make Sweety and Vinod to like each other.

What will be the plans of Mr. Bhatti? How will he arrange the meetings of Sweety and Vinod? What will be Manoj’s destiny? Will Vinod be able to conquer Ph.D. ever? How the story move ahead? It is better to watch the episode to get all these questions answered. We know that there are a few teachers/professors/guides, who take the advantage of the students in real life in such way. The acting of the lead cast is really very good. So with the story and other technical features. It is must to watch.

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