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Medical Bills episode from Flop Show TV Serial On DVD

The second episode of Jaspal Bhatti’s “Flop Show” is about the “Medical Bills”. In most offices (especially, government offices, or corporates, not the smaller ones), there is medical allowance is offered to the employee. The idea is, if someone is worry free about his/her self and family’s health related expenses, the person can devote more efforts to the office/business’ favor. Though it is found that employee used to make a fraud here (not all, of course, but a lot). There are various ways to earn money via this facility. Like, have the medical stores to issue false bills and pay them a specific percentage of total bill figure. Even the agents are available who do everything for you and give you the prescription and bills and other needed resource according to your demand; on the commission bases.

Mr. Jaspal Bhatti is an employee in the office where his boss have the responsibility to look after medical bills and on his approval the employee gets the medical allowance, against the bills. It is shown that one of his bill is being checked by his boss, and Mr. Bhatti gets the boss emotional by telling that his wife is a heart patient. He gets the bill approved by his boss.

One of his friends come to meet him in the office and tells that he is having some illness which no doctor in his village is able to diagnose. So he came to city to get it diagnose, but he finds it very costly here. The mischievous brain of Mr. Bhatti gets alert and he propose a plan. He tells his friend to get admitted on Jaspal Bhatti’s name and get the best medical treatment. He will later submit the medical bills to his office and collect the money. This way, the friend will get the quality treatment with the help of Mr. Bhatti. The friend warns Mr. Bhatti that it could be problematic for his job, but Mr. Bhatti tells him to go ahead.

Later on it is revealed that both of the kidneys of the friend are very week and it is dangerous for his life. Though the news is spread in the office by referring Mr. Bhatti, as the treatment is going on his name. Mr. Bhatti’s boss shows sympathy towards him and ask him to shift to Delhi for better treatment. Mr. Bhatti asks his boss to not to declare this information as his wife is a heart patient (though it was a lie he spread since long, to get her medical bills passed). In hospital at Delhi various incidents happen, and later Mr. Bhatti’s friend got died due to some reaction. People thought Mr. Bhatti got dead. What happens then, is something better to watch on your own.

Acting of the lead characters is up-to-the-mark. The content of the episode is engaging (those who haven’t experienced a traditional office, may not find it equally interesting).  overall a nice punch on the face of people misuse the medical facilities. Recommended…

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