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Contractors Episode From Flop Show TV Serial On DVD Views and Reviews

My own home“, is one of most loved dream of majority people. It is considered as an achievement to have own home, where a person can live in the way he wish (of course within his/her financial boundaries). One common problem the people face when purchase a home is the quality of construction. It is found in a lot many cases that the contractors use more sand then the cement, poor quality construction material and more. This satirical series, takes on such incidents, which involves the residents, the contractors, the approving engineers and so called inspection panels.

One day when Mr. Bhatti tried to have a hook in his wall, the small stoke of his tiny hammer lead to unintended incident. It is resulted into displacement of the brick from the wall. His door knocked and his neighbor come claiming that the brick displaced from the wall, fall on his newly bought TV and it was destroyed. He asked Mr. Bhatti to pay Rs. 12000 as the compensation for the same. Both the couples got into discussion. By calming all Mr. Bhatti suggested that the poor quality of the construction of the homes is responsible for it and let’s go to the government officer and complaint the same. They then visit the government officer who took care of the construction and its quality and of course the approval process. The person disagree that the quality of the wall is improper, he said he himself lives in the home prepared by the same contractor.

Mr. Bhatti takes the matter to the public and sets his neighbor (whose TV was broken) on the fast. Though the fasting give their issue to the limelight and contractor’s fellow came to pay Mrs. Bhatti the compensation amount of Rs. 12000 in absence of Mr. Bhatti. Also the news made some of the thieves happy and by finding the poor home construction quality they decide to break into the same to loot the people. One of the society member met Mr. Bhatti at bank who came there to withdraw Rs. 12000 against some social responsibility he need to fulfill. The same night his home was broken and money stolen. The neighbor doubts Mr. Bhatti and they found Rs. 12000 at Mr. Bhatti’s home (which Mr. Bhatti was not aware of).

After the few days the thieves tried breaking the other home and the entire wall collapsed by have them buried under the same. They then captured by the police and it was clear that they were responsible for the loot, not Mr. Bhatti. Later we see the government have arranged a ceremony to award the contractor, who made the wall, which collapsed and the goons were captured.

A nice punch, it made me remember the classic satirical movie “Jane Bhi Do Yaro“. In turn the wrong people are always united and those who are true they need to face the problems and prove that they are true…

Don’t give this episode a miss, Keep reading, keep watching.

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