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Property episode of Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

The third episode of “Flop Show” takes on the people who captures the home where they leave on rent and then asks for a handsome amount of money to leave it. 

Well, everyone is not able to have his own home. As it takes a lot of money to build a home. Sometimes the earning of life time also is not enough for the same. Also there are people whose job function makes him to shift periodically from one place to the another. The best option in such cases is to take a home on rent. This will add extra income to the home owner’s portfolio and homeless people gets home for some period. However, sometimes people who leaver on rent gets lusty and refuse to leave it. It becomes the headache for the home owner to get his own home back. It leads to various solutions (which are problems in its own), eg. hire the local goon to get the people on rent out of the home, or offer the renters some money to leave the home, and more…

Mr. Bhatti is dreaming that the owner of the home they leave in on rent, is requesting him to leave the home. He than offers handsome money to Mr. Bhatti but Mr. Bhatti refuse to leave. Bhatti tells that the home prices are grown handsomely and he want 50% of price rise to leave the home. Which finally home owner agree with. Mr. Bhatti’s wife wakes him up and asks that the water connection is disconnected for their home. Also Mr. Bhatti advises his maid to empty the dustbin in the home owner’s gallery to disturb them. Actually he is looking have anything which can rose to a dispute between him and his home owner. He then asks his wife Preeti to get the false police complaint filed against the home owner that he was molesting Preeti. Though, Preeti told that this is wrong, the home owner never did it. Mr. Bhatti insists, to have the false complaint filed.

When he was about to leave to go to the police station to file the complaints, his home owner does the same thing and come to his home. The police charged Mr. Bhatti for molesting home owner’s wife and took him to the custody. His wife asks him to bring some sweets when he came back from the jail to home. On the way back to home from the jail, at the sweet-shop Mr. Bhatti meets his childhood friend who is a goon now. And he is providing resources to the home owners to threaten the family on rent and get the home empty.

One of the friends of Mr. Bhatti is throwing a party to not having any dispute with his home owner in a full year. The home owner’s wife asked the owner that, something is wrong, the people on rent are living here as his own home. Later they could be problem and may refuse to leave the home. So just go and give them the notice to leave the home. The home owner does the same. The enviroment of party gets ruined by this notice. Mr. Bhatti then reaches there and asks his friend to not to worry. He even advises him to not to leave the home. Though his friend is very ethical fellow, and refused to follow the advise. He then tells, the home is build by its owner by all his life’s earing how can some other capture it. He then requests Mr. Bhatti to help him find a home. He agree to purchase his own home so every now and then he do not need to find a new home for rent.

They then finds a home, where some people are already living on rent. They took help of Mr. Bhatti’s goon friend and many more things happen. But it is better to watch them on your own.

It is not only hillarious episode, but explores a bitter truth. Nice acting by the actors and other positive factors makes it a must watch.

Keep reading, keep watching….

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