Friday , 27 April 2018
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Google Translate API Business version is now open | News

Google did mention several times that for several APIs either the cost of maintenance goes high and not used much (or as much as expected) and it made Google to analyze the APIs at various point of time and depricate them. Related reading for you: Google What Do You Love aka WDYL – MashUp By Google | Informative Review Search Similar Images For An Image Via Google – News ThinkerViews Mozilla MarketPlace is Open by Invitation Now | News Google reminds that Magnifier (Google’s Music Venture) is still alive | News Read More »

Twitter goes secure | News

Since the incidents happened in March, twitter is taking all the security measurement it can. Twitter have enabled secure access to the entire portal (means you can access it as against currently you are accessing it as Related reading for you: is acquired by | News Technologoes that powers Twitter Do You Have Problems Showing Twitter Widgets? Here Is The Solution One of the biggest Cyber Attack is revealed | News Read More » is acquired by | News

In continuity of the news of acqusition, we would like to inform you that have acquired Related reading for you: Skype is on the way to acquire | News Zave Networks has been acquired by Google | News Priceline acquired Kayak | Tech News Whatsapp Acquired By Facebook | Will It Affect Google? Read More »

Skype is on the way to acquire | News – a group messaging service which is not too old but famous enough on the Internet might be finding its new home soon. Skype is to aquire group me. Related reading for you: Whatsapp Acquired By Facebook | Will It Affect Google? Google is on the way to acquire Katango | News Priceline acquired Kayak | Tech News Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple | News Read More »

Watch Free Full Length Movies On Yahoo Too! | News

As we are discussing on almost regular bases regarding availability of full length movies online. Of course we are not talking about pirated and torrent stuff. As we have discussed in some of the past articles that YouTube, the largest video sharing website have started making available full length Bollywood movies available online, which can be viewed legally. Related reading for you: Watch Band Baaja Baarat Hindi Film For Free On YouTube!! History Of Internet On Yahoo! Screen | Watch Online Watch Bheja Fry 2 For Free On YouTube | News Watch Chak De India in HD for Free on ... Read More »

WholeShark Media keeps acquiring Coupon sites | News

In continuity of site/company acquisition news, we need to add one more. WhaleSharkMedia which have announced an investment by Google Ventures have continued its process of acquiring coupon sites around the world. Related reading for you: Zave Networks has been acquired by Google | News Get ready to see FaceBook in new makeover | News ThinkerViews BlueHost is Slowly Coming Up Again | Good Tech News Online Shopping Sites In India | A Personal Review Read More »