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Skype is on the way to acquire Groupme.com | News

Groupme.com – a group messaging service which is not too old but famous enough on the Internet might be finding its new home soon. Skype is to aquire group me.

These days we are getting more and more news about some smaller companies which are having potential within, being acquired by the majors. GroupMe.com a company started with a vision to provide better way of communication between the people just one year ago is on the way to be acquired by Skype.com. Main features of GroupMe are 1. Group messaging 2. Conference call 3. Location and 4. Photo Sharing. The company was founded in 2010 by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci. The company was in talks with Skype since last few months and the deal is almost final, though the inside details are not revealed much.

Groupon is very excited for the deal, they will be looking forward to have additional 175 million people (Skype users) will be using their service.

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  1. According to various sources, the initial payment for GroupMe is $43 million, and deferred payments (or an earnout) can get the GroupMe shareholders as much as $68 million over four years.

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