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Google Aquired PittPatt.com A Pattern Recognition Company | News

If you enjoy getting informed about latest technologies which impact the life very differently and highly, you are aware that hearing about some of the technologies seem very filmy or even abstract and sometimes hard to believe as a truth. Related reading for you: Search Similar Images For An Image Via Google – News ThinkerViews Accesibility survey for blind users ... Read More »

Reviewing FreeVideoLectures.com | Educational Videos Website

In our series of Educational video lectures related websites, which are acting like a boon to the students and enthusiasts living in any corner of the world having a good speed Internet connection, by making the ocean of the resources available to them on the fingertips; we are taking look at http://freevideolectures.com/. The site claims 800+ online courses, 19000+ videos ... Read More »

Watch 3 Idiots Hindi Film For Free On YouTube!!

As we know that since a month YouTube have started showing full length bollywood movies online, of course absolutely free, they made available the award winner movie “3 idiots” this month. No briefing is necessary about the movie as it was a huge box office success with critical acclaim and bagged a number of awards for. The movie is available ... Read More »

Google What Do You Love aka WDYL – MashUp By Google | Informative Review

It came to a few people’s attention that “What Do You Love” which was originally hosted at http://www.google.com/whatdoyoulove/ have got a home at http://www.wdyl.com/; because Google launched it silently. Related reading for you: Search Real Estate And Housing | Google Search Tips And Tricks Fill In The Blanks Using Google | Google Search Tips And Tricks Search within a site ... Read More »

SnapDeal.com Nagar | A village in India named after a website | News

Those who are looking for attractive and competitive deals to get the desired product(s) and/or service(s) at the best available rates at the place(s) of your choice; must be familiar with SnapDeal (http://snapdeal.com). If you are not, then keep visiting the site on the regular base(s) and you will find some really cool and attractive deals, which we believe worth ... Read More »