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Mickey Virus | Bollywood Film | Hindi Movie | Personal Reviews

Sometimes movie names also play a vital role in it’s commercial success. Bajatey Raho is one such example. One of the 2013 release Mickey Virus movie also falls in the same category.

Movie : Mickey Virus
Director :
Saurabh Varma
Screenplay :
Story By : , ,
Produced by : Arun Rangachari, Vivek Rangachari
Music By : Hanif Shaikh
Cinematography : Anshuman Mahaley
Editor : Archit D Rastogi
Studio : DAR Motion Pictures
Released On :
Starring : Manish Paul (Mickey Arora), Elli Avram (Kamayani), Manish Choudhary (ACP Siddhant Chauhan), Varun Badola (Inspector Devender Bhalla), Puja Gupta (Chutney), Nitesh Pandey (Professor), Raghav Kakkar (Floppy), Vikesh Kumar (Pancho), and others…

Be it the movie title, or no popular stars are associated with the movie, could be the reason of it didn’t well commercially, as it should do. The movie is no doubt a good thriller. It is associated with the IT (Information Technology) word, focused on use of Hacking as crime weapon. Actually Hacker and Cracker are two different words and have very different meaning. But the most of the people confuse the term hacking with cracking. Hence, the word ethical hacking is used for hacking, and hacking is used as the synonym of cracking!

The movie have some adult stuff and in a song an offensive word is also used. It makes the movie a choice for youngsters and they can watch the film with friends only. It doesn’t appeal much to the family because of the adult stuff and some other aspects. Even the latest technology stuff appeals more to the youth (well, not always, but true here). If avoided the adult stuff, the movie could be like 16 December or A Wednesday. It has the potential.

If to talk about performances Varun Badola is convincing. The movie belongs to Manish Paul for sure and he delivers the desired performance. He is definitely the one to watch for. The TV had given so many talents to the film industry and Manish is definitely one of the fine ones. If he will get some good roles, he will surely be the next buzz in the Bollywood, as they like to call it. Nitesh Pandey – who is recently seen in a famous Hindi TV serial (Pyar Ka Dard Hai … Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara) started getting recognition these days. Manish Choudhary is proper choice for the role of ACP.

Pooja Gupta does her bits and she is good. Definitely one more talent with little ordinary looks. Elli doesn’t have to show much emotions but her job is to spread glamor. She does it well. Of course she can act well. Rest of the cast also delivers good performance. I had seen that most of the low budget films or the films without big stars, have to rely on stunning performances. And most of them delivers it always. The passion and fire to prove themselves might be playing a vital role in the same. A couple of songs are good at ear.

The actual hacking or cracking isn’t done with such fancy tools shown in the movie. The actual tools mainly provides command line interface. Though in most of the Hindi movies we have seen some eye appealing tools used. May be the purpose is to attract the audience who is non-technical.

The power of the movie lies in the suspense it holds. The first segment is quite funny and there are some romantic moments. This segment builds the story and may look a little dull in terms of speed. Though the youth will find it appealing. It is the second half which is more gripping. And for a movie, the second half must have to be better than the first one. The second half is full of thrills and chase. The finale is appealing.

Let us take a glimpse of the story.

Two hackers are murdered in the Delhi and the police have to act fast. They also sense some bigger conspiracy behind the murders. ACP Siddhant and his aide Inspector Bhalla are the in-charge of the investigation. There is a hacker group named Bhram (illusion), which police finds associated with the murders somehow. There is no detail about this group available to anyone.

There is also a group of technical genius who are fascinated with some aimless timepass work to play games, crack server and do some wrong stuff also lives in the city. The group is having a mentor cum guide, known as professor. Micky, one of the member of this group of friends is a genius hacker! Who love to play kung-fu chameli, a game. In addition he love cracking systems. He uses his pen-drive always loaded with virus(es) – mainly developed by himself. The pen drive is attached with a virus shaped key chain. He used to attache device with any system and wreak havoc in the same!

After monitoring several hackers, Siddhant decide to use Mickey as his technical staff member to crack the murder mystery. And the chase begins, slowly. Which after a point of time became the matter of life and death for Mickey! Rest of the stuff is better to watch on screen. So we leave it up to you.

In the end of the movie we see, rather than giving some moral related lessons, it goes the practical(!) approach when returning the money, by referring the proverb : Kaddu Katega To Sab Mein Batega.

Overall the movie which is worth a watch for sure, but not with the family.

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