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Codecademy Website | A resource for Coder To Be and Coders both | Views And Reviews

Learning is the best experience. The joy came from the deepest heart when you learn something is something beyond the explanation. It is to be felt. The new year 2012 is already arrived and a number of people follows the tradition to make resolution(s) for the coming year. Well, everyone have its unique thought about the same and we are not here to criticize anything.

Commonly we hear about the resolutions about health, wealth, job, career, love, relationship and similar stuff. How about having a resolution to learn something new this year. As people around the world are facing lot of difficulties due to unstable economical conditions. Learn coding can provide a very different and effective approach to someone’s career (or simply earn to pay for the needs, forget the career, it could be a sidekick too!).

There are various websites which are oceans of information waiting to be mined (well, I know, we are talking in quite superlative tone right now, but they are definitely a great and huge source of information, no two thoughts about the same.) We have reviewed some of those remarkable sites last year. You can check them in the same blog. Anyway, let us talk something new stuff.

If you are very sure that you want to be a coder, you know the basic and want to sharpen your skills (or you may simply want to start swimming in the programming field), http://www.codecademy.com could be one of the resources to follow. Well, don’t think it as a bunch of stuff available at your fingertip. It is something like a start up. Only 3 courses are available as of now. They are:

  • Getting started with programming (8 lessons / 42 exercises)
  • Functions in JavaScript (3 lessons / 9 exercises)
  • JavaScript quick-start guide (8 lessons / 45 exercises)

If you want to test, experiment and play with the code of Ruby/Python and Javascript, the labs section is quite helpful to you. The code playground area is divided into main two segments, coding and preview. In the left pane, just code the stuff and see the stuff running in the right pane. It is really easy to use interface. Google labs could be the inspiration source for this stuff. Though, you need to spend some time understanding the environment, it will be useful once you understand the way it is working.

If you already know some programming languages and want to teach others, the job section is also there, where you can provide wings to the teacher within you. It is definitely one of the sites which you must visit at least once and may be you like to suggest it to someone else in your group or similar. It is not the best site for learning or education over the planet web, but it is simple and remarkable at least. We hope it will grow to be really helpful to the “coders” and “coders to be” both.

PS: Based on the latest information we have received from the management of Codecademy, this Chicago based initiative runs the program to help learning web application development in 12 weeks duration…

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  1. Hi,

    So far Codecademy had tutorials/lessons for Web Development Frontend technologies, like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery etc. Now it is spreading the coverage area to the server side languages as well. In the process, Python stuff is added which is available at http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/python

    It seems that more server side languages like PHP/ASP/ASP.NET are on the way. We are also loving to see mobile app development stuff there as well

  2. Also see Programr at http://www.programr.com

    Programr is a portal where students can learn, practice and showcase their IT skills online.

    We are a Pune, India based startup and we’d love if you could review us on your blog.


  3. Very supportive of the initiative, but their name is Codecademy and not CodeAcademy. I am the co-founder of Code Academy (http://codecademy.org) in Chicago, and we teach beginners how to build web applications in 12 weeks. If you could correct your blog post that would be great. Thanks!

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