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ClassPad – A Tablet PC for Class 3 to Class 12 students is launched in India | News

There is no shortage of technical genius in India and it seems that Aakash – the claimed cheapest tablet of the world is en route to get a sibling or friend or competitor or rival named Classpad. Rohit Pande, former IITian (IIT Delhi) and a student of IIM- Calcutta (Kolkata) launched his latest innovation – Classpad. Rohit feels that the education must be affordable. The rising cost of education also lead students who could have bright future, to search for the job at the age of study; or at least they cannot use certain costly resources.

According to the standard society rule, the education is the birthright of the student and according to his or her talent and intelligence level one should access it. Classpad – is designed especially for teachers and students. The future students may not need to bring tons of books and notes with them when visit the school, having their tablet PC will do. Classpad can be used by teachers and student to transfer homeworks, share content instantly and conduct test and assessment.

It claims the battery life of 7 hours, processing speed of 1.3 GHZ. It has 4GB or memory which can be expanded upto 8GB. Between the price range of Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 14,000; classpad is available in seven, eight and ten inches size. It provides 1024X768 pixel resolution on TFT LCD captive touch screen. 512MB of RAM is there which is good for tablet PC. Android 2.2 (Foryo) is the operating system running on the device. It is armed with 0.3 megapixel front camera, Wi-Fi and USB port and a mini HDMI port too.

Some institutions (including but not limited to) like Centre Point school Nagpur, SSB Banglore are tiedup with the device and the device will be available exclusively to them (at least as of now).

Well, let us look forward to see, how it moves ahead in the coming days! We hope that it will deliver up to the expectation and change the life of students from class – III to class XII.

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