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Winning the battle at Dakhkhan | The Great Maratha | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views And Reviews

To win or to loose, are the only results a war can be resulted into for each opponent. How gracefully you accept the result in either case shows your character. The Maratha army won the battle against Nizam of Hyderabad as the matter of fact.

The important to watch here is how Sadashivrao Bhao behaves after winning the battle. How good he was as a human being. How good he was at analyzing the situation, people and other stuff. How excellently and gracefully he puts his demand against the defeated opponent. He openly praised for the bravery and skills shown by Ibrahim Khan Gardi and his platoon, despite of fighting them against him. He was so overwhelmed with the skills of Ibrahim Khan Gardi that he requested the Nizam to allow Ibrahim Khan Gardi to server Maratha armies. When met with Gardi, Bhao praised him and offered him to join his side which Gardi refused by showing respect, honor and patriotism towards Nizam and Hyderbad. Knowing that Pathans respect their ideology a lot, Bhao didn’t force him but asked to accept this genuine offer, and Nizam also insisted. Afterwards, Gardi accepted the offer with conditions like, he will never lead Maratha armies if they attack Hyderabad! What a patriot fellow?!

TV Serial : The Great Maratha
Producer : Sanjay Khan
Production House : Numero Uno Productions
Based On : Story by
Script :
Dialogs :
Music : Khayyam
ScreenPlay :
Direction :

SSanjay Khan
(with several episode directors)

Cast : Shahbaaz Khan, Mukesh Khanna, Pankaj Dheer, Parikshit Sahni, Benjamin Gilani, Bob Christo, Irfan, Maya Alagh, Arun Mathur, Sanjay Sharma, Shailendra, Deepraj Rana, Firoz Ali, Faquira, Ali Khan, Mahabir Bhullar, Zuber Sanam, Browny Parashar, Dinkar, Dev Dutt, Devesh Khan, Praksh Mhatre, Kartika Rane , and many others

Positives and negatives happen simultaneously in the real life. One Maratha platoon lead by Dattaji and his brothers was outnumbered by the attackers and having troubled situation, and other large Maratha army was celebrating its major win in Dakhkhan!

The meeting for peace between Nizam of Hyderabad and Bhao shows quality of both the rulers. When the was is finished, there is no anger against each other. They both introduced their key persons to each other very humbly. A reference to the famous love tale of Bajirao-Mastani is there to not to miss. The dialogs between Bhao and Gardi are the high points of episode. They got united at the end. Both were genuine, brave and skilled warriors and better humans, so their union will play a remarkable role in the history of course.

The winner army under the command of Bhao reaches back to home, where there were warmly welcomed. A celebration for the victory is arranged and all were greeted humbly by Peshwa himself. Peshwa was very happy with the way the battle was planned, executed and got to result by Sadashivrao Baho.

But loving a fellow genuinely sometimes make other feel jealous of him and in the politics it is common. Especially the nearest relatives of the ruler consider themselves as important fellows (equivalent to the rulers in most cases) and if some distant relative or a non-relative skilled fellow is given the importance he deserve, it irks anger in them. Such fellows sometimes went to the remarkable extent to get attention or take revenge(?!) against such incidents. Which sometimes make them traitor, harming not only the ruler, competitor but the entire kingdom or country.

So was there someone like that in the Peshwa’s court also?
What stand Jaat king will take?
The count of Avadh will favor whom?
Will Abdali be able to conquer the throne of Delhi and hence entire Republic of India?

So many questions… All will be answered by keep watching and reading about this Hindi TV serial which is now available on DVD with good quality.

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