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Vishnu At Taxashila Gurukul | Chanakya Hindi TV Serial On DVD | A Personal Review

On the way to Taxashila with DhanaShreshthee (a businessman) Vishnu learns some important stuff about Gold and its various kinds, colors and attributes. It is important for VishnuGupt to learn more about the currency of course, as he have to be the best economist of the world. Without knowing the stuff about Gold – arguably the most precious currency – how could that have been possible? As Vishnu did learn a lesson from DhanaShreshthee, when leaving him for the Gurukul he pays him respect; as the one who teaches you something, is the teacher and a true teacher is respectable like parents; what a noble thought!

By asking the path to the Gurukul of the Taxashila to the citizens, ultimately Vishnu reaches the place which will be his KaramaBhoomi (or let us say a study center – which will play an important part of his life coming onwards) for at least next eight years of study.

During the study time we see him concentrating on DandNeeti and ArthaShashtra, as the areas of his interest. Both these are the integral part of the ruling system and administration as we know. We see that for all the ideas or rules he learn he applies his logic and think for the reasons to accept or reject it. He doesn’t think that it is wrong to bring new rules to the existence in case needed. As whatever rules are made, are made based on the time, place and circumstance when they were authored. It is quite possible that they are not all applicable to the current time and/or situation. However we see that he was neither ignoring the rules nor showing any arrogance towards the same, which make him popular in teachers too. And of course, he was respected in the students for the knowledge he possess. For VishnuGupt the learning process started by his father is just continued (at a different place).

Based on his extra-ordinary skills he was offered the job of teaching economics when his study ended, by the Gurukul, and VishnuGupt have accepted it. He was strong believer that when the system is malfunctioning it has to be updated, removed and replaced with the new one. For the interest of the mass, the personal interest of the ruler must be ignored. Teaching gave him platform to know and explore his interpersonal skills. He came in contact with a lot of students, some of them were gems. The respect a teacher and his ideas get from a genuine student are in-comporable to other achievements. It gave him the base for the future revolution. He made some lifelong genuine pillars of the future and some friends, who will remain friend forever, in any situation/circumstance in the life. It is the time where VishnuGupt’s true wealth was started being prepared.

It is said that crows are black everywhere. It was true in the case of Taxashila also. Taxashila’s ruler AmbhiRaaj was one of the most genuine rulers. He always considered the interest of his citizens and kingdom prior to anything else. His political relations with the other states, sharing boundaries with his kingdom were there fore looked into by him very carefully. His son AmbhiKumar was just a youth in growing, lack the wisdom his father possess. He take most decision in hurry and arrogantly. He considered himself as the ultimate power. Don’t you think this will make hard times coming for Taxashila? A revolution to take place there as well? What are the disputes Taxashila have? and with which neighbor kingdoms? What part VishnuGupt or Chanakya will play here? It is somehow attached so importantly with his journey? All the questions are answered when watching the Teleserial.

It is worth to note that the performance of some of the seasoned stage actors is beyond the mark. Some of the artists like the kid playing Vishnu, sometimes lacks the flair of acting needed for such strong character, but its obvious. The sets are remarkably genuine and so does the background music. The screenplay is tight and the DVD quality is remarkable. Some scenes like, the convocation ceremony are a delight to watch. Here you see the students wearing the jewels made by the flowers. It is of course the nearest to the reality. Remember how the original Olympics were crowning the winners?

Overall, a nice to watch Tele-serial. The content will always give you the feel of being related to the current times.

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