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Dangerous Ishhq | Bollywood Film | Hindi Movie | Views And Reviews

The Hindi film Dangerous Ishhq created much hype before its release. The movie is promoted as Karishma Kapoor (or Karissma as she writes now a days)’s come back movie after a remarkably long period. It was probably created hype before a little longer than the ideal date. Which made the movie felt a little older when released.

Perceptions plays a vital role in almost everything we can link ourselves with. Mostly the perceptions are based on the first introduction of the stuff to us. That is why it is called that the first impression lasts, and we try to represent ourselves as the most composite fellow when being introduced to someone.

Movie : Dangerous Ishhq
Director : Vikram Bhatt
Producers : Reliance Entertainment
Writer : Aman Hajee
Music : Himesh Reshammiya
Cast : Karishma Kapoor (Sanjana Saxena/Geeta/Salma/Paaro), Rajneesh Duggal (Rohan Thakral/Iqbal/Ali/Raj Dutt), Jimmy Shergill (ACP Singh), Divya Dutta (Neetu/Chanda/Tawaif), Ruslaan Mumtaz (Rahul Thakral), Arya Babbar (Aarif), Gracy Singh (Meera), Ravi Kissen (Durgam Sah), Sameer Kochhar (Rashid)

The movie Dangerous Ishhq is also misinterpreted by the audience due to several reasons. The movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt, who is moved toward horror movies and related stuff since a while. It made it very easy for people to think about the movie belong to the same genre! Also the movies tagline is suggesting that the protagonist is waiting to (and trying desperately through) get her true love since more than one lives. Which reinforced the image of the movie that it is somehow related to ghosts. The another thing is the movie poster. The first impression of the movie is its advertisement poster. Karishma is the only person shown there (in the red dress, showing skin). No doubt she is the protagonist and the movie is all about her journey of love but the poster doesn’t explore that anyway. And a heroin showing her skin through red color and rest of the places (not people) in dark also makes one to interpret it wrongly.

Definitely the movie is not path breaking or so. Neither it is a magnum opus. It has its down points too. But they are most discussed everywhere, so we are just trying to show some positives which are not that much known.

Karishma’s acting is superb. She is the one who have started as an actress at an early age; and after working in some movies with no remarkable roles, she had given some tremendous performances in many movies and is respected as an actress. She, in this movie is also in her full form and gives excellent performance. Rajnish Duggal is no match to her but he tried hard. He can’t show some expressions properly but tried honestly. His efforts in speaking languages with accent (as he also plays a fellow belongs to the different community, place in different lives) are shown. Divya Dutta is first rate. Jimmy Shergil, Ravi Kishan, Arya Babbar and other tried well. Himesh Reshammiya is back with good music. He also sung some of the songs in the movie and he made them melodious. Fantastic. The direction is having flows like the story. The movie could have been a lot better with some tight storyline and right promotion. But it is not that bad as it is shouted everywhere.

Let us take a look at the story of the movie.

Sanjana is a super model and she is famous of course. Rohan is the son of a business tycoon and he have his own persona and is also well known person. They both are in love and they make a good couple. The couple is very much popular in the social circuit they belongs to. However Rohan’s father is not much happy with their courtship and he doesn’t want a girl who often appear on the magazine front cover as the daughter-in-law. However the lovebirds really don’t care for that, much. It was an assignment for which Sanjana has to leave for Paris but on the way in her car she made to change her mind. She want to marry Rohan, desperately. Her instincts are telling her something she must make the most prioritized thing in her life. She went to Rohan at their beach house. They were discussing their (future) married life and their to be children’s life plans. But something happened which was not right! A group of goons attacked them, Rohan fought well but was overpowered, Sanjana got unconscious and when she got back to her senses, she was in the hospital. She came to know that Rohan is missing. Those goons have captured him. Rohan’s father was ready for the demand by the people who captured his son and police is also informed. It is good for Sanjana that she is at the hospital under observation of Neetu, Dr. Neetu precisely, who is her best friend.

Sanjana got a vision that Rohan is wounded and came to her finding a place to hide himself. A group of villagers were following him and seeking his blood. They are also going to kill Sanjana as well! Though when Neetu came and calm her, she gotta know that it was just a vision not a reality. Such incidents happened to her many times which made Neetu thinking it is not mere side effect of heavy dose of medicines. She made him to visit the psychiatrist. Later they follow some other ways to know more about the stuff. And they found the truth. The various visions came to her are all belong to her past lives. The common thing is in all the lives she was there with a different name, Rohan was there with the different name; they both were in love. Neetu was there with a different name, helping them as usual. There is also one antagonist, who is a different fellow in all the lives. The lovebirds have strange situations in all the lives and they couldn’t unite in any of the life. They were always killed!

What will happen in this life then? Who is the antagonist? As antagonist is a different fellow in all the lives, it is tough to find him? Will the lovebirds be able to find him/her, overpower him/her and unite finally? This is the beginning of the tale which followed by some thrilling, some okey and some not so good scenes. If songs are to talk about, Tu Hi Rub, Tu Hi Dua and Naina Re, are great. Why Ruslaan (who made a debut in a good film named MP3 – Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar; and given a film like – Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai) had to choose such small role? Arya Babbar is also on the way to have small roles like Vindu Dara Singh and Puru Rajkumar.

Anyway, the movie can be watched at a leisure. And the music will definitely be liked by you!

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