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Watch Band Baaja Baarat Hindi Film For Free On YouTube!!

There is a good news for all the movie lovers. YouTube, while covering most of the online video related features and possibilities, made one more step which would be loved by the Indian audience. YouTube is planning to show a full-length movie online in HD quality periodically. It all started with YashRaj Films’ hit movie “Band Baaja Baarat”, which is released recently. Here is the link to follow, to watch the movie.


All you need is an Internet Connection with good bandwidth, usually available BroadBand connections are fine. Of course your browser must be armed with the Flash Player (If not, there will be a popup asking to download the plug-in and install the same, for free).

Note: If you’re visiting the above mentioned URL from outside of India or from a non-India IP; please remember that the movie will not be available for you as of now.

Official Trailer

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  1. The Bonus Features you can enjoy are…
    1. Song, “Ainvayi Ainvayi”
    2. Making of the song – Ainvayi Ainvayi
    3. Song, “Aadha Ishq”
    4. Song, “Tarkeebein”
    5. Song, “Dum Dum”
    6. Song, “Dum Dum Remix”
    7. “Band Baaja Baaraat” – Deleted Scenes
    8. “Making of the Film” – Part 1 / 2 / 3
    9. “Interview with Ranveer & Anushka” – BAND BAAJA BAARAAT
    10. Dialogue Promo – 1 / 2
    11. Band Baaja Baaraat – Theatrical Trailer

    Also, there is one quiz “Movie Trivia” placed on the pag, where you can test your knowledge about the film by answering multiple choice questions like Who is the director of the movie ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’?. Movie enthusiasts will enjoy participating the same.

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