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Recently we got a chance to watch US TV Serial White Collar. The serial runs on an interesting panorama. An art expert who is actually art thief and con-man – named Neal Caffrey was caught by FBI agent Peter Burke and now is in prison.

TV Serial : White Collar
Created by :
# of Seasons : 5
(Seasons 6 is running)
# of Episodes : 75
(Not including episodes of Season 6)
Genre : Crime Drama
Production Companies : Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin and Warrior George Productions
Starring : Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Special Agent in Charge Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Marsha Thomason (Special Agent Diana Berrigan), Sharif Atkins (Special Agent Clinton Jones), Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Natalie Morales (Special Agent Lauren Cruz), Diahann Carroll (June Ellington), James Rebhorn (Special Agent Reese Hughes), Gloria Votsis (Alexandra Hunter), Alexandra Daddario (Kate Moreau), Treat Williams (James Bennett/Sam Phelps), Ross McCall (Matthew Keller), Judith Ivey (Ellen Parker), Noah Emmerich (Special Agent Garrett Fowler), Andrew McCarthy (Vincent Adler), Titus Welliver (Senator Terrance Pratt), Emily Procter (Assistant Special Agent in charge Amanda Callaway), Mark Sheppard (Curtis Hagen), Bridget Regan (Rachel Turner/Rebecca Lowe), and others…
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During his prison days he got an exciting offer. For a specific period of time he have to work as an assistant to Peter to solve the cases which belongs to Neal’s area of expertise and he will be free for the life. Though during the specified period he needed to wear a tracking anklet and is permitted to be within the 2 miles radius.

Eventually Neal accepts the offer. Promise of his freedom is not the only reason he was excited about. He was desperate to find his love of life – Kate.

The series then moves ahead by exploring different case in each episode. Throughout the series one, Neal founds to be honest to his promises to Peter, doing his work dutifully, yet running all efforts to find Kate. He respect Peter for his capabilities and attributes and Peter’s wife Elizabeth is also a person to respect for him. He receives help from his true friend nick named – Moz. June and Alex are the other two ladies who play important part in his life.

So it is not a good cop – bad cop theory but rather a good cop – good thief theory on which the TV series is bases.

First Season is explored in 14 episode and all of them are really interesting:

Over the period of time we will keep reviewing each episode of the TV series separately and keep publishing our views and reviews for the same. You should bookmark this page, as we will keep linking those articles here for you.

The title sequence is fantastic and the background music is superb. Almost all episode have some action to watch out for and it is filmed well. While watching it, you often feel that you are viewing a Hollywood film rather than a TV Serial. And yes the fantastic performances Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey are the height of the TV serial.

We also love the way the character of Elizabeth is explored. She is not much into action but she is intelligent and often discuss Peter’s cases with him. She love Peter more than anything and she trusts him completely. Her faith in her husband is really a nice quality which is explored even nicely. Same way Neal is explored as a happy-go-lucky charming guy who is like a casanova on first glance. But he also loves Kate by deepest heart and his sole aim behind all the things he do is to find about Kate. Peter’s character is of an honest, rock solid, thoughtful FBI agent, who can go to any extend for the good of the society. Neal don’t like guns and Peter never hesitate using them for the right reasons. We must say that the TV series explores the emotional and psychological aspects of the characters associated with it nicely.

The first season was aired in US from 23rd October, 2009 and was spread in 14 episodes:

Season 1
Title Director Written By Release Date
Pilot Bronwen Hughes October 23, 2009
Threads Dennie Gordon October 30, 2009
Book of Hours John T. Kretchmer November 6, 2009
Flip of the Coin Timothy Busfield & November 13, 2009
The Portrait Allan Arkush & November 20, 2009
All In John T. Kretchmer & November 27, 2009
Free Fall Kevin Bray December 4, 2009
Hard Sell John T. Kretchmer & January 19, 2010
Bad Judgment John T. Kretchmer & January 26, 2010
Vital Signs Dennie Gordon February 2, 2010
Home Invasion Ken Girotti February 9, 2010
Bottlenecked Phil Abraham & February 23, 2010
Front Man Michael Smith March 2, 2010
Out of the Box Kevin Bray March 9, 2010

The second season was aired in US from 13th July, 2010 and was spread in 16 episodes:

Season 2
Title Director Written By Release Date
Withdrawal Tim Matheson July 13, 2010
Need to Know Sanford Bookstaver July 20, 2010
Copycat Caffrey Paul Holahan July 27, 2010
By the Book Michael Smith August 3, 2010
Unfinished Business Tricia Brock August 10, 2010
In the Red David Straiton August 17, 2010
Prisoner’s Dilemma Vincent Misiano August 24, 2010
Company Man Rosemary Rodriguez August 31, 2010
Point Blank Kevin Bray September 7, 2010
Burke’s Seven Michael Smith January 18, 2011
Forging Bonds John T. Kretchmer & January 25, 2011
What Happens in Burma… John T. Kretchmer February 1, 2011
Countermeasures Michael Smith February 8, 2011
Payback Russell Lee Fine February 22, 2011
Power Play Jeff F. King March 1, 2011
Under the Radar John T. Kretchmer March 8, 2011

The third season was aired in US from 7th Jun, 2011 and was spread in 16 episodes. Interestingly the season is divided into two parts. The first half of the season, consisting of 10 episodes, concluded on August 9, 2011, while the remaining six episodes began airing on January 17, 2012. Here is the episode list:

Season 3
Title Director Written By Release Date
On Guard Russell Lee Fine June 7, 2011
Where There’s a Will Sanford Bookstaver June 14, 2011
Deadline Michael Smith June 21, 2011
The Dentist of Detroit Dennie Gordon June 28, 2011
Veiled Threat Paul Holahan July 5, 2011
Scott Free Tricia Brock July 12, 2011
Taking Account Michael Smith July 19, 2011
As You Were David Straiton July 26, 2011
On the Fence Paul Holahan August 2, 2011
Countdown John Kretchmer Story by: &
Teleplay by:
August 9, 2011
Checkmate John Kretchmer Story by: &
Teleplay By:
January 17, 2012
Upper West Side Story Russell Lee Fine & January 24, 2012
Neighborhood Watch Andrew McCarthy January 31, 2012
Pulling Strings Anton Cropper February 7, 2012
Stealing Home Tim DeKay Story by: &
Teleplay by:
February 21, 2012
Judgment Day Russell Lee Fine February 28, 2012

The second season was aired in US from 10th July, 2012 and was spread in 16 episodes:

Season 4
Title Director Written By Release Date
Wanted Paul Holahan July 10, 2012
Most Wanted Paul Holahan July 17, 2012
Diminishing Returns Stefan Schwartz July 24, 2012
Parting Shots Robert Duncan McNeill July 31, 2012
Honor Among Thieves Arlene Sanford August 14, 2012
Identity Crisis David Straiton August 21, 2012
Compromising Positions Paul Holahan August 28, 2012
Ancient History Russell Lee Fine September 4, 2012
Gloves Off Renny Harlin September 11, 2012
Vested Interest Russell Lee Fine September 18, 2012
Family Business Paul Holahan January 22, 2013
Brass Tacks Anton Cropper & January 29, 2013
Empire City Tim DeKay & February 5, 2013
Shoot the Moon Russell Lee Fine & February 19, 2013
The Original John Kretchmer February 26, 2013
In the Wind Russell Lee Fine March 5, 2013

The second season was aired in US from 17th October, 2013 and was spread in 13 episodes:

Season 5
Title Director Written By Release Date
At What Price Stefan Schwartz & October 17, 2013
Out of the Frying Pan Roger Kumble October 24, 2013
One Last Stakeout Russell Lee Fine October 31, 2013
Controlling Interest Kevin Bray November 7, 2013
Master Plan Jeff F. King November 14, 2013
Ice Breaker Eric Stoltz November 21, 2013
Quantico Closure Willie Garson December 5, 2013
Digging Deeper Sanford Bookstaver & December 12, 2013
No Good Deed Charlotte Sieling Story by:
Teleplay by:
December 19, 2013
Live Feed John Kretchmer Story by:
Teleplay by:
January 9, 2014
Shot Through the Heart Doug Hannah & January 16, 2014
Taking Stock Tim DeKay & January 23, 2014
Diamond Exchange Russell Lee Fine & January 30, 2014

It was a delight for us to watch this TV Serial so far. It is worth to note that the sixth season of this TV serial is being aired at the time of the article is being written.

By the way, for those who are curious to know, White Collar is the name of the fictional department in FBI which works on – white collar – crimes; and hence the TV serial is named so.

Watch out for the episode wise reviews for the TV serial in coming days. The list of the episodes will be kept updated with the links to Episode wise reviews, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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