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Episode #3 of US TV Series White Collar is titled as Book of Hours. Like every other episode of White Collar, this episode also is complete on its own. It focuses on case of the theft of a Bible. And parallel it moves ahead the story of the prime characters of the TV Serial as well.

TV Serial : White Collar
Created by :
# of Seasons : 5
(Seasons 6 is running)
# of Episodes : 75
(Not including episodes of Season 6)
Genre : Crime Drama
Production Companies : Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin and Warrior George Productions
Starring : Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Special Agent in Charge Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Marsha Thomason (Special Agent Diana Berrigan), Sharif Atkins (Special Agent Clinton Jones), Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Natalie Morales (Special Agent Lauren Cruz), Diahann Carroll (June Ellington), James Rebhorn (Special Agent Reese Hughes), Gloria Votsis (Alexandra Hunter), Alexandra Daddario (Kate Moreau), Treat Williams (James Bennett/Sam Phelps), Ross McCall (Matthew Keller), Judith Ivey (Ellen Parker), Noah Emmerich (Special Agent Garrett Fowler), Andrew McCarthy (Vincent Adler), Titus Welliver (Senator Terrance Pratt), Emily Procter (Assistant Special Agent in charge Amanda Callaway), Mark Sheppard (Curtis Hagen), Bridget Regan (Rachel Turner/Rebecca Lowe), and others…
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We see Neal is on the quest to find his love, Kate. And while he does, he needed to assist Peter on a strange case. What makes the episode interesting is the point that the victim is a goon himself. He comes to FBI white collar division and request Peter to find the missing Bible (the Book Of Hours) which is having historical and antique value, due to the rumours of mysterious healing power associated with it.

The case takes many twists and turns as the FBI team starts digging in. One of the nephew of Barelli found dead, which Peter and his team consider a suspect. However, the fellow officer who is in charge of those criminal investigation was not happy to share the crime scene or the details with Peter till he have Neal in his team! So they need to find out a way to move ahead from the point.

They found a way with the help of Mozzie of course.

With such scenario the character of Peter is explored further. On one way he is a law-abiding officer, he however is having a practical approach to solve a crime. IF the things are not illegal and it gives the results, Peter can twist the things a little, for a greater good.

Also Neal keeps meeting Moz in public places, covered in crowds to get the clue from the bottle Kate left. He is loyal to Peter and White Collar division, but he on the other hand, keeps doing efforts to find Kate with the help of Moz.

Peter and Neal gets valuable input from Elizabeth for this case as well.

Well, we cannot tell you more about the content of this episode otherwise “spilling the beans” will reveal the suspense 🙂

There are so many crime dramas, spy and detective fictions, police procedurals and thrillers aired on many TV channels. So, the big question is how to stand out, and create loyal audience. One need to come up with something unique and special, be it visually appealing or not, but must have to strong at content. If the script is not tight, if it doesn’t create enough thrill, if it is not studded with fantastic acting and proper comic timings (well, you need, good punch lines, to get relaxed moments also, that is how Arnold and Stallone’s movies got popularity). The good thing about this episode is, it is based on a properly written script and it is moving ahead with good pace.

The conversations (which are sometimes “intelligent word play”, if not “war of words”) are effectively written and executed, and at the interval of 5 minutes, you get once such nice conversation with a few punchlines. It makes the episode enjoyable.

In terms of acting, both the protagonists Matt and Tim are equally competent. Matt have the charisma required for the character of a con-man, and Tim is really convincing as a strict, intelligent and “follow-the-rule-book” FBI agent. Both them played their characters so well for years, and now people cannot imagine any other actor playing these roles. It is really a remarkable achievement for the actors. Willie looks natural as Mozzie. He looks mischievous without any efforts.

The actors playing small roles are also not less impressive. Actually it would be tough to find dull performance in the episode. You may sometimes find Sharif Atkins is little less natural then his other fellow actors, but otherwise, overall you will be happy with the performances. A must to mention is Duane McLaughlin, the actor plays Steve (the man whose buddy dog is very ill). He looks his character.

The background music plays a very important role in any thriller, and White Collar is no exception. The background music in this episode is very effective and is a positive attribute of the same. The city of New York, Manhattan and other locations are explored nicely. The set of the FBI White Collar Division is impressive too. The church (which is one of the central locations of this episode) is explored nicely too.

The wardrobe is quite adorable. Peter Burke (Tim) have his suits which suits him perfectly and during the home time, he have his T-Shirt etc, and he looks his character in both casual and official wears. Neil (Matt) need not to follow a dress code, and hence the designers got a chance to play with his wardrobe, and it turns out to be a nice collection. Otherwise look un-natural, the hat, looks quite proper when wore by him.

Mozzie and Elizabeth’s wardrobe is must to mention. Mostly in casual, both they look freely expressive characters. The plain black and white cloths with spectacles makes the character of Barelli interesting and impressive.

Some interesting conversations

Mozzie: Yes, I’ll take it back to the lab, run some tests.
Neal: You don’t have a lab. You have a storage unit.
Mozzie: Semantics.
Neal: Thanks, Moz.

Peter: All right, look, when they dug up King Tut, everyone made such a big deal out of the curse of the pharaoh.
Neal: Yeah, two dozen people who entered the tomb ended up dead.
Peter: Yeah, they probably caught some old bacterial infection. Germs. There’s your divine intervention.
Neal: God can’t use bacteria?
Peter: I prefer my miracles with a little more smiting and lightning.

Peter: No, it’s fine. We were just trying to decide if a woman is capable of murder.
Elizabeth: Oh, I think so. What’s the issue?

Cruz: What happened?
Peter: Neal happened.

Final Verdict

If you like crime dramas and detective fictions or police procedurals, you will surely like this episode.

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