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Episode #1 of US TV Series White Collar is focused on introducing characters and setting up the stuff, thus it is correctly titled as Pilot

TV Serial : White Collar
Created by :
# of Seasons : 5
(Seasons 6 is running)
# of Episodes : 75
(Not including episodes of Season 6)
Genre : Crime Drama
Production Companies : Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin and Warrior George Productions
Starring : Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Special Agent in Charge Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Marsha Thomason (Special Agent Diana Berrigan), Sharif Atkins (Special Agent Clinton Jones), Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Natalie Morales (Special Agent Lauren Cruz), Diahann Carroll (June Ellington), James Rebhorn (Special Agent Reese Hughes), Gloria Votsis (Alexandra Hunter), Alexandra Daddario (Kate Moreau), Treat Williams (James Bennett/Sam Phelps), Ross McCall (Matthew Keller), Judith Ivey (Ellen Parker), Noah Emmerich (Special Agent Garrett Fowler), Andrew McCarthy (Vincent Adler), Titus Welliver (Senator Terrance Pratt), Emily Procter (Assistant Special Agent in charge Amanda Callaway), Mark Sheppard (Curtis Hagen), Bridget Regan (Rachel Turner/Rebecca Lowe), and others…
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Neal Caffrey is a conman who is serving his sentence in the prison. He was captured by FBI White Collar special agent Peter Burke. Neal was behind so many cons including bond forgery, art forgery and more. Though it seems that most of the crimes he have committed because the con was considered as a challenge, not for his personal greed. Over the course we learn that Neal is a fantastic artist who is not only good at drawing, making fake alcoholic drinks, sculptures, keys and many more.

He dodge a plan to escape from the prison and get out successfully! As soon as Peter informed about the same he came to action and finally was able to trace Neal. The clue came from the prison security camera footage where we see Neal’s girl friend Kate came to meet him a few days ago in the prison. And from the lip-reading we got know that she said Neal “…”. Well, we cannot say it to keep your interest intact. Where Peter capture Neal? You probably could guess it right!

Peter captures him again.

Peter however found that Neal could have been ran away a while ago before he can reach the place! So there is something which make him to not to run! Neal offer him to cone to see him at least once in the prison in the next week! Will Peter go for it? Yes, he is, for sure.

Both of them then crack a deal!!

You should explore the details on screen, but it ended Neal to be working as a C.I. to Peter in FBI.

How Peter leaves Neal to his accommodation (a cheap hotel room, based on the tight budget), and how Neal found a luxurious of within the 2 mile area, is good to watch on screen.

It doesn’t took much time then, before they got their first case. It was about a Dutchman. What is the actual con going on (or racket running by Dutchman) and how it was explored and exposed is the rest of the episode.

We are also introduced with some other key characters including Peter’s teammates Diana and Jones. Elizabeth whom Peter calls El, is his lovely, loyal, intelligent and rock solid wife of Peter. June – the lady at whose place Neal is living now is going to be like a god-mother cum friend of his.

What you like the most in episode is the pace. The things are moving without wasting any time. The script is written nicely and the director knows his job perfectly. The New York city is explored a kind of perfectly in the episode. The dialogs are thoughtful. To make any drama work well, the characters need to be explored perfectly and this TV serial is good at that. The makers won the rest of the battle by choosing right actors for the right roles. And we are not talking about Matt Bomer (as Neal Caffrey) and Tim DeKay (and Peter Burke); all the characters are played with so convincing actors that we like performance of every one of them. The titles are filmed and edited very well; studded with good musics. Overall the background music of the entire episode is convincing too.

Our verdict: Those who love crime dramas and thriller, will definitely enjoy this TV Serial.

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