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Watch Episode 1 From Kahani ChandraKanta Ki With Reviews

Lets continue reviewing “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki”. As we know the story starts when Shiv Dutt [Punit Issar] visits back the fort of ShivGadh, the only legacy he have after the defeat with Virendra Singh [Santosh Shukla]. He meets KrurSingh [Shailendra Singh] and others here. He asks Bhanu Pratap Singh to summon Pt. Jagannath [Rajendra Gupta] to meet him the next morning. Let’s move ahead in the story.

When Bhanu meets Pt. Jagannath, he was analyzing the future and chances of Shiv Dutt’s fate if Virendra Singh is attacked; via his “ramal”. He found it discouraging. Though Bhanu told that KrurSingh insist Shiv Dutt to attack Chunargadh. Pt. explains him that Krur can do anything for his own interest. He is so selfish that he won’t mind if anyone got killed saving his little interest. He asks Bhanu to prevent KrurSingh to meet Shiv Dutt till he will be there next morning. On the next morning he meets ShivDutt in his court at ShivGadh and explains him his analysis. He asked Shiv Dutt to keep calm, as Virendra Singh is more powerful at the point of time then him by all the means, and the fate will support Virendra Singh. When Shiv Dutt asked him that he is at the saturation point and need some outcome of such long wait after defeat, pt. Jagannath asked him to play the war by intelligence, not artillery. He propose him the plan he had, and conveys that two of his aiyaars Abu Bakar and KhudaBaksh are on the way to get the latest from ChunarGadh.

On the other hand, in ChunarGadh, Chandrakanta [Shikha Swaroop] living her married life happily with his lover VirendraSingh. She was doing her daily evening ritual with Virendra Singh when ParamVeer Singh [Shiva] meets them. Shiva angrily informs them that Shiv Dutt is planning to grab ChunarGadh back and he is playing actively from the fort of ShivGadh. Chandrakanta gets angry on the stuff and tells that till ShivDutt live, he will not let go the rivalry out of his mind. They must make themselves ready to reply ShivDutt’s attack.

Here, KhudaBax and Abu Bakar are already arrived in front of the palace of Chunargadh. They got stunned by seeing the heavy security though they plan to get the inside information at all cost. Two chief of guards JaganSingh and BhupendraSingh are sent by Chandrakanta to even tighten the security at the main gate. Padmini and Chapala comes from inside and advices both them to take care of the security properly as the inside information is there that one aaiyar from ShivGadh will try to infiltrate the security tonight. They they left to inform the same to SangramSingh on the northen gate of the palace.

Khudabaksh, be noticing the power and authority Padmini have, transforms himself into Padmin and try to get inside the palace. Alert Jagansigh tries to stop and enquire her, but after some discussion, with the fear of his own fate (which can be caused by stopping an authority like Padmini) on JaganSingh’s advice, he lets her in. Still he is doubt about Padmini. Here, Padmini and Chapala on the way to north gate, thinks that it is not good that both of them leave together, so Chapala heads to the north gate, while Padmini returns. In the palace, when ParamVeerSingh see Padmini tying to visit Chandrakanta’s room secretly, he stops her and asks for an explanation. She spontaneously tells that, she found that one aaiyaar from ShivGadh is already entered the palace by pretending herself and she is trying to find him. On the gate when Padmini returns, JaganSingh and BhupendraSingh stops her thinking that she is fake Padmini, while BhupendraSingh holds her, JaganSingh goes inside and informs ParamVeerSingh the same. ParamVeer, fake Padmini and Jagan comes to the gate where they meet Bhupendra and real Padmini. Now both the Padminis are facing each other, what will happen? See the next episode for the same.

Shikha swaroop is looking pretty but her age is shown specially on her dimples and neck. Also her hair style makes her face looking triangle. She is the original Chandrakanta, but her dialog delivery tales that she might lost the practice of speaking in Hindi. She is no doubt beautiful and looking nice on screen despite heavy make-up. Santosh Shukla is far from convincing as Virendra Singh. We surely miss Shahbaaz Khan here. It is like a child trying to play a youth. Shiva needs to concentrate more on his dialog delivery. Puneet Issar have his own fan following and persona, but he is fatty now. Also the charm of Pankaj Dheer is not there. Shailendra Singh looks like a puppet and no more Krur Singh. We miss Akhilendra Mishra and his famous “Yakku” dialog both here so much. Rajendra Gupta is first rate. The sets are fantastic and glorious. Though when you see the palace of Chunargadh in night, in stead of look eye-catching and gorgeous it looks cardboard palace. Overall, a nice tale, larger than the life getup, fantastic sets, missing convincing acts, miscasting all are there in this new “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki”. It is still a better choice over the melodramas and “Saah-Bahu” serials.

Watch the first episode here (Curtsey: http://www.YouTube.com).

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