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Kahani Chandrakanta ki – TV Serial Reviews

What a nice serial “Chandrakanta” was? Produced by Nirja Guleri and directed by Sunil Agnihotri. It was aired on Doordarshan from 1994 to 1996 during which, almost 73 episodes were telecasted. The story written by Babu Devakinandan Khatri, when bought to the small screen, it was made as glorious as possible. But it was the acting and persona of the lead actors which made its impact so strong that even after many years, it remains in the memory positively.

Of course, the original story by DevakiNandan Khatri was modified a lot, you can say the serial was inspired by the tale, but changed a lot when you compare the original story with the screenplay; no two thoughts on that. There are remarkable changes, which are opposed by the descendents of the original author; for example “Aiyaari“. Actually “Aiyaars” are the people who are good at make-up and transformation. They could slip into other’s getup so convincingly that it looked like the same. It is an art, very hard to learn. Though, in the TV serial the characters are shown transforming themselves from one person to the another, like a magic. It was definitely not the case. Still, the TV serial was really nice and it hold the viewers with its charm especially in the first segment.

Why remembering the same, now? Well, on Sahara One, the TV serial continues from where it was stopped. “Chandrakanta Santati” was written by Devakinandan Khatri as the sequel of “Chandrakanta”, taking the story forward. The serial “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki” is based on the same. Time will tell, how much it sticks to the original book, but what matters more is how it is crafted. Definitely the comparison will be there between “Chandrakanta” and “Kahani Chandrakanta ki”. As the latter is aimed to be the story of Chandrakanta’s child. As parents gets old, the child also reach to youth. Almost one and a half decade time is passed when “Chandrakanta” was aired, so the people who played various characters in the original are naturally got older. However there is no need to change them in the serial as the characters they played are also got older. But, there are a lot of factors playing their part and it is tough to retain all the actors. However the comparison is inevitable. On the other hand, technology progressed so much during the time that the special effects could be much better now and so with other lot of technical aspects.

As being fortunate to watch “Chandrakanta” when it was aired on DD, I was amazed with the feelings to watch “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki”. I was ready to dig deep into the fantasy world. But, when I first show the episode 1 of “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki” I was shocked. The serial represents the glorious world and it looks great on canvas, but it lacks soul.

It all starts as Maharaja Shiv Dutt [Punit Issar] was coming back to his only legacy, the fort of ShivGadh (ShivGarh). He is still having fire within to take revenge with Virendra Vikram Singh and Chandrakanta  [Shikha Swaroop]. It was the war between Virendra Singh and Shiv Dutt, which was due to Chandrakanta, before years, got defeated in which, Shiv Dutt lost his kingdom ChunarGadh. Virendra Singh got married to Chandrakanta and now ruling Chunargadh. Shiv Dutt calls his ultimate adviser, Pt. Jagannath [Rajendra Gupta] to finalize the future plans to get back ChunarGadh and Chandrakanta both. KrurSingh is also there with both his henchmen Ahmed and Nazim in ShivGadh, to push Shiv Dutt on his thoughts to take revenge against Virendra Singh. As we know, KrurSingh wanted to marry Chandrakanta but he lost to Virendra Singh on that, which make him his enemy forever.

Episode 1 : Video : by Sahara One on YouTube

We will keep giving you more information about each episode here. So keep reading.

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