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The story of Pandit Hari Dutt | Wisdom Tales From PanchaTantra | DVD Review

Once upon a time there was a Brahmin named Pt. Hari Dutt living in a small village with his wife and son. His son was immature (in terms of wisdom). Hari Dutt was having some disputes with a wealthy businessman in recent past, though it is not disclosed or no details are mentioned, it is told via a hint. They were all worrying for the future as they had no way left for income.  Hari Dutt was very experienced person with utmost will power. He advised his family to not to lose hope. He suggested to do some farming in the small land they have inherited from his ancestors. When asked about how they will adjust for sow seeding and how to adjust for the  bullocks to carry the plough? Hari Dutt, as stubborn as the rock and as polite as he was, answered don’t worry, we will ask our neighbors to land us some grain beans to seed, and we will play as bullocks and will carry the plough. He is is old age also was ready to do hard work to fulfill all his duties. He believed in the philosophy of Karma.

From next morning Hari Dutt and his son have started carrying the plough while his wife was sow seeding. His young son got tired soon, but determined to work properly, Hari Dutt refused to give up. After some days his unproductive land have started showing the greenery and it will fulled with the corp ready to cut and trade. It was all monitored by the crook businessman, with whom they were had dispute. At one late evening, when Hari Dutt and his family was tired with the hard work they done through out the day, and was chatting about good hope of the future and preparing themselves to take dinner, the businessman implemented his plan. He left uncontrolled cattle in the field of Hari Dutt, which not only eaten out a lot of corp but ruined the entire field.

Without giving up hope, Hari Dutt was determined to work even harder again. He encouraged his family and they worked harder this time and got even more corp with better quality. Again when they were all dead tired, sat together just before taking dinner, and lost in thinking of the brighter future, they heard people shouting. They got to know all his corp was caught fire (which was ignited by the greedy businessman). They lost everything.

On the next day, after losing all his hope and determination, finding himself at the dead end, Hari Dutt thought to commit suicide. When he was in the jungle to do so, he found a snake was there. He requested the snake to bite him, so he got dead with the deadly poison. But, he asked the snake to wait for a while and offered him a little amount of milk he have, so the snake can satisfy its hunger. When the snake was not drinking milk, he moved himself away from snake, so it can drink the milk without getting conscious of being watched by someone. When he came back, ready to get bitten by the snake, he sees something strange. The snake left but there was a gold coin there. Hari Dutt, considered it as a blessing and arranged food for the day with the gold coin. It became a routine for him to go daily to the jungle with a small amount of milk for the snake and got blessed with a gold coin by the snake. After a few days, a remarkable amount of money saved with Hari Dutt. All members of his family now have better food and better cloths. They started living life easily. Hari Dutt, though, kept his feet on the ground.

The greedy businessman who was jealous with the good fortune Hari Dutt is achieving since some days, thought to find the secret behind it. One day he followed Hari Dutt and learn the secret of his fortune. One day when Hari Dutt was out of station for reason, his son was allotted the duty to feed snake. By thinking of this as the best chance the businessman met Hari Dutt’s son and asked him ….

Well the tale ahead is something better to enjoy watching. Go ahead and watch it. The veteran actor Bharat Bhushan played the protagonist Hari Dutt. There is no doubt about his acting skills and he is in full form here. Only regret is the video quality. Overall you will love watching it, and learning the moral of the story.

Keep reading, keep watching, keep getting wiser…

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