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Reviewing Episode 5 of Hindi TV Serial On DVD Sinhasan Battisi

King Bhoj or Raja Bhoj again attempt sitting on the miraculus throne of Samrat Vikramaditya and as usual again a doll from the throne gets alive and asks him to rethink and decide if he is worthy to sit on this great throne.

She tells an incident from King Vikram’s life to make him aware with the qualities possessed by the great king Vikramaditya.

In the times of ruling of King Vikramaditya there was a paanwala in a city. He was very famous for the paans he was preparing. Almost everyone who loves chewing paan, was undoubtedly visiting him on the regular bases. And those who couldn’t come, are getting them ordered via their servants. A Brahmin came to the paanwala explaining that today he had to take a dinner at one of his the wealthy businessman and he is full at stomuch. Now he need a paan to chew and then he will get a long sound sleep. The paanwala gives him his regular paan. When the brahmin pays for the same, the paanwala refuse to take any money. He was showing his respect to the brahmin by not taking so. But the brahmin insists so and then he took the money and decided to donate at the temple.

Such generous were the people of that time. As Brahmins do the vedic rituals and service at temples etc. people thought to serve them by any means, based on their capability, and took part in serving the temples which they cannot do due to their busy schedules. When the Brahmin left the shop.

A lady came and asked the paanwala if her paans are ready. Paanwala already made the stuff ready. He than handed them over to the lady. The lady gave him a gold coin as the payment. The paanwala then asked the lady a question. He was interested in knowing that for whom she bought the paan on the daily bases. When she refused to answer and asked the paanwala that why he is so curious about the stuff, the paanwala replied that he wanted to know that who is the generous person who is paying him such large amount regularly. The paanwala got more and more curious day by day. It is the human nature that when you tell him to not to do something, he will definitely try doing that, by thinking that something mysterious is there. The paanwala was no exception, obviously. He started thinking about this strange stuff and one day, he lost control from himself.

He decided to follow the lady to know the secret, the next time she visit his shop. He followed the lady as per his plan. The lady however caught him following, and she asked him that, ultimately you couldn’t control yourself and followed me right?, why? The paanwala explained his curiosity again. When the paanwala insisted to meet the gentleman who have paid him such large amount money so far. The lady revealed that the person for whom she takes paan on the regular bases from his shop, is actually a woman, not man. When paanwala keep insisted meeting her then; the lady revealed the her master lady doesn’t like men and doesn’t want to see the face of any man. She then asked the paanwala to leave at the very moment, because if the security personnel will see him, he will be killed instantly. The paanwala move back from there, but got hid in the jungle.

When the lady thought that he was all gone, she clapped several times and the stonehead of the cave opened from nowhere. She immediately slip within and the door closed as there was nothing there. The paanwala oversee the stuff though. He got afraid of the mysterious stuff. He then discloses the stuff to some of his friends. The friends advises him that the lady could be poison ivy, or a spy from the enemy. In such case if she will get caught by the soldiers of the kingdom, the paanwala may be in the trouble. To avoid such thing, he should meet king Vikramaditya and tell him everything about the matter. The paanwala then meets king Vikramaditya and explained everything.

What will happen now? What king Vikram will do? Who are the mysterious lady and her queen? How king Vikram get the mystery resolved by using his intelligence, bravery and power? Well, it is better to see it on your own. If you avoid the video quality and some scenes like the paanwala following the lady, and some fights, for the poor quality, based on the technology available those days in the tight budget, it is definitely worth watching.

Keep watching, keep reading…

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